NFC coupons – Adding more data and features to any NFC tag, smart poster, p2p message.

NFC coupons

Adding more data and features to any NFC tag, smart poster, p2p message.

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Astal NFC Coupons allow you to store coupons and invitations, add details and location to them, search and sort your coupons and get a NEAR ME list of items based on your current location.

NFC Coupons is a free application for you to improve your shopping experience.
The application is also a part of our NFC Ecosystem for advertisers, coupons publishers, event organizers, conventions, conference events and more.
For more information about White Label/ customized versions and back-end systems, please use our contact form at

**** For NFC enabled devices only ******
To store coupons:
1) Simply touch with your phone on the NFC Tag / Smart Poster. 2) Choose our “NFC coupons” application. 3) Press “Save” or “Exit” 4) Add details or Save as-is.

To search, sort, locate nearby :
1) Launch the application. 2) Choose button to get sorted list, or Location button to get NEARBY coupons/ events list.

To delete items:
1) From any screen with items list, press menu and choose “Delete” 2) Just tap on the item you want to delete.

Bonus Features:
Just tap your NFC enabled phone on NFC Tag, Smart Poster or invitations. You can store it As Is or add your data and comments.

Only you decide which coupons to save, with or without extra details.
You can always delete any record which is not relevant for you anymore.

The application stores only the extra data you input, and a link to the item. Saving you internal and external (SD card) place.

Save and manage your scans and simply re-access to your favorites contents

Currently only in English, more languages in future versions.

Invitations for events
Inventory management
and so many more available uses ….

See detail information and download apk file: