KKC Barcode PRO – Scanner-Barcode for mobile devices. Perhaps the use of a TSD.

KKC Barcode PRO

Scanner-Barcode for mobile devices. Perhaps the use of a TSD.

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KKC Barcode PRO 3.0 – is a multi-barcode scanner, QR code generator is a handy, reliable data collection terminal for mobile devices based on Android. Supports tablets.

Barcode scanners

The scanner recognizes the most popular barcodes including 1D, 2D.
Work with barcode scanner KKC Barcode PRO is a pleasure:
* The scanned data can be copied to the clipboard, send by SMS or E-mail or go to search on the Internet.
* Business card from a 2D bar code can be stored in one-touch phone book.
* Srih scanning the code, immediately dial a phone number or enter the recipient’s address in the E-mail.

All scanned barcodes are stored in the history of scan and are available at any time.


Using KKC Barcode Pro now you can with a few clicks to create a QR code that contains a variety of information: contact details for the phone book, a link to a website, the address for sending email and much more. After generating a barcode, you can save it as a .jpg or send via the Internet.

To start generating QR-code, select the “Generate Barcode” in the main application menu.

Data collection terminal

KKC Barcode PRO thanks to built-in data collection terminal turns a mobile phone with Android in the full data collection terminal. Ideal for inventory (stocktaking) goods using a barcode.

Variants of using a data collection terminal:
1. Stand-alone option. With the application scanned goods, indicating the number. The result of the inventory can be saved in a text file on the memory card device and then forwarded for processing by e-mail or bluetooth.
2. Network option. Download the list of products from the desktop through the connection WiFi. Uploading data to the desktop application through the connection Wi-Fi. To communicate with a desktop PC must use the KKC Barcode PRO Server. Export is possible inventory results in Exel.

Download the desktop application as well as detailed instructions on how to use and configure, please visit the manufacturer http://www.kkc.by in the “Software” / “For data collection terminals» / KKC Barcode PRO Android OS.

See more information: https://goo.gl/kM5Psd