Shopping List – Application onClick help you to do shopping list, save your time and money!

Shopping List

Application onClick help you to do shopping list, save your time and money!

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Application onClick help you define shopping list. With this application you can save your time! You needn’t afraid about your paper shopping list and thinking which product is in basket. Define list is very simple you can use mobile keyboard or mobile embedded speech. By this application you can in easy and clear way control your shopping cart.

NEW FEATURE! Only in this application you can find the nearest shop with shop products! From now you can plan your shopping before you will be in shop! Save your time and buy only what you need. Do not overpay!

Additional function allow you send defined list to your lovely person. If the lovely preson has installed application he/she can do this same with onClick like on the mobile where was created shopping list.

Application can also control your wallet. Every time when you add price to your product, bottom list show you how expensive is your shopping cart. By this function you can save your money and always when you will go to cashier you will know hum much you must pay. Don’t pay for cashiers mistakes! Control your shopping cart every time and everywhere!

You can control your lists by portal Register your device and login to page to see in details your shopping list. Portal allow you to generate charts and tables with your costs.

Download apk file: