Vehicle Parts – Hot deals on Vehicle Spare Parts in the East African Region. Don't Miss this.

Vehicle Parts

Hot deals on Vehicle Spare Parts in the East African Region. Don't Miss this.

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This is the No. 1 Android application that will give you real-time information on Spare Parts available in the Eastern Africa Region. Categorized into five major groups (Exterior, Interior, Power Train and Chasis, Electrical and Electronics and Miscellaneous) for over 1,000 car models and car makes. you cannot miss to get where to purchase your spare parts at a friendly price.

The information available from this android application include but not limited to:
1. Part names and descriptions
2. Part Prices and price conditions e.g. whether negotiable or not negotiable
3. The dealers selling the car parts
4. The address and contact person for the dealers***
5. Ability to make a request for a part that is missing from the list
6. Ability to view a list of garages and their locations. (Can be used in emergency cases when you need some help urgently on the road)
7. Ability to give us feedback on what other features you will need, issues you may experience with the system.
8. Very many more will come your way

Currently this application supports only 1,979 devices running android >= 2.2. This number will grow as we get feedback from you. If your device is not supported. please email the developer on

Other upcoming features that will be available from this application are:
1. Ability to book for a service on a specific garage
2. Ability to get hot deals on vehicle parts and services running on the specified garages.
3. Ability to view details of cars on hot sale where you can view details of the car and even book for a test drive.

This application is connected to Dealer’s module. The dealers module allow all dealers to manage their parts by adding new parts, prices, contact details. The details will also be able to see feedback from the buyers as well as be able to receive the part requests from the buyers.

At the moment all dealers will update their stock through a web application and will have to be registered. To register, send an email with your contact details to the developer An account will be created for you and details sent to you.

Dealers will enjoy uploading their parts for three months absolutely free. Meaning By January 2013, as a dealer you will have tested our application. The Dealer module is as per the attached screens.

This is one application that you really want to have in your phone as you drive along.

The very best part, IT IS FREE for every one to download and use.

See detail information and download apk file:

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