TruAudio – The TruAudio App allows you to shop the full TruAudio and Forge product catalogs


The TruAudio App allows you to shop the full TruAudio and Forge product catalogs

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New Features in 2.0:
Custom Pricing Display – You can now choose how pricing is displayed inside the app via the settings button in the app. Dealer Mode will show your standard dealer pricing, MSRP Mode will display suggest retail pricing, and Custom Mode allows you to set a custom markup. For example setting it to 30 will add 30% to the price shown. When the order is submitted it will be processed at your regular dealer price.

Manual Product Data Update – You can now manually force a refresh of the product database via the settings in the app. This will allow you to access the latest products that have been recently added to the TruAudio system.


The TruAudio App is designed to meet the needs of the fast paced custom installer. In this app, you will find the full catalog of TruAudio and Forge products, as well as products from all our affiliate partners. Pictures of every product, a brief description, and full specs are provided for every item in the app. You will also have full access to the Deep Daily Deals (DDD). Authorized TruAudio dealers can sign in with their TruAudio username and password, will have access to dealer pricing, and can generate a Purchase Order that is submitted directly to our sales team. Why wait to get back to the office to place your order? From the job site, pull up the TruAudio Mobile App on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and make sure that you are not missing a single thing for your install.

If you are not a TruAudio dealer, you can sign in as a guest, and still have access to the full product lines, specs, etc… but will not have access to dealer pricing. Browse our line up of speakers and racks, and if you are interested in becoming an Authorized TruAudio dealer, you can start the process from this app. See why TruAudio has been the leader in architectural speakers for over a decade. TruAudio – The Sound of Innovation.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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