Pro Клиент для – car offers reviews about cars search auction sheets

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car offers reviews about cars search auction sheets

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Dear users: please kindly, with the appearance of errors which previously nebilo, report it by e-mail, it will speed up the solution of the problem.

Extended version of the application Dromviwer.
Differences from the free version:

The auction is present section statistics.
If you are going to buy a car bought in Japanese auction and you have the ability to record number of the car body, you can try using this application to find car auction item and compare the information of the lot with the information that the seller told you the car.
For example here in this announcement
the seller gave the photo GJ1-chassis number 1039966, with a written declaration that the mileage 76000km.
If you try to find the lot at the auction, chassis number, it is a lot with the exact same car as in the declaration, but it turns out mileage 122000km.

Present section of My Account.
It has the ability to view lists of incoming messages and outgoing messages, a list of unread topics that you have subscribed to the forum.
You can also directly from the application to send a quick reply to a private message.

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