Mensa Freiburg – Mensa Freiburg always keeps you on the meal plan your university to date.

Mensa Freiburg

Mensa Freiburg always keeps you on the meal plan your university to date.

Mensa Freiburg screenshot 0Mensa Freiburg screenshot 1Mensa Freiburg screenshot 2Mensa Freiburg screenshot 3Mensa Freiburg screenshot 4Mensa Freiburg screenshot 5

This app is used to view the current meal plan of the University of Freiburg for the following locations:
– Mensa Rempartstraße
– Mensa Rempartstraße organic line
– Mensa Institutsviertel
– Mensa Littenweiler
– Mensa Furtwangen
– Mensa Offenburg
– Mensa Kehl
– Mensa Schwenningen
– Mensa Trossingen
– Airport Cafeteria
– Issuing Office EFH Freiburg
– Mensa Academy of Music
– House for dear hand

Special Features:
– Review of courts
– “Parts” of courts
– Menus from the past can be loaded (from 19.04.2012)
– Home screen widget for a day ticket to a selected Mensa
– Set the location, the menu will be loaded at startup

For problems, questions or suggestions just send me an e-mail.

This is a privately developed app.
There is no claim to completeness and correctness of the data.
The source of the diet the Student is

– If the selection in the widget can not be found, the phone must be restarted. This probably seems to be a bug of Android 4.0 only.

Declaration on the rights of the need app:
– FULL INTERNET ACCESS: Needed to load the menu
– READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY: Required to identify the phone, thus enabling the evaluation system (so that only one vote is counted and 1x to the ex-post evaluation can still change)

Download apk file:


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