Foodmania – Food Ordering and Delivery Service 4 simple steps!


Food Ordering and Delivery Service 4 simple steps!

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Arrived in Foodmania food ordering portal for Android application!

If you like to order food online and gain valuable ajándékkokat or rebates to benefit then feel free to click the “Like” button Kommentelj and Share. Follow us on Facebook here and watch the discounts, sweepstakes.

The website, Facebook and mobile is also convenient nézelődhetsz the food, beverage, pastry, your choice from the menu. Do not hesitate, order your favorite food éttermedből as comfortable as your favorite!

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Simple Pricebook – Enter the price and it will show you comparisons in a simple manner.

Simple Pricebook

Enter the price and it will show you comparisons in a simple manner.

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When you’re out shopping, you may look at a store and think, “Now how much was that item at the other place?” You guess, and try to do some math to figure out how much you’re saving. How do you easily do price comparison?

That’s a thing of the past. With Simple Pricebook, you simply enter the price and it will show you comparisons in a simple manner. No “unit prices”. You don’t care if this item costs 7.3¢/oz and this one is 9.2¢/oz. Sure, that tells you what’s cheaper, but how much are you really saving? If you’re buying 10 oz, then you have a savings of 19¢. If you’re buying 5 lbs, you have a savings of $1.52.

Simple Pricebook will take all of your comparisons and put them in perspective of the quantity you’re looking at. So if I’m looking at 2 liters of soda, it will compare against that 144 fl oz of soda (12 pack of cans), in a “2 liter” manner. It will tell me the total price of the comparison and the difference. The difference is color-coded. Green means it’s cheaper and red means it’s more expensive.

Want to just see the prices of items? Just enter the item name with no other information.

Want to see a certain quantity of an item? Just enter the item and a quantity and a comparison will be shown for you in terms of that quantity.

Updating prices is easy. If you enter the same quantity and units, Simple Pricebook will overwrite the old price, keeping your data up to date.

To delete a price, simply long-press on it in the results and confirm the deletion.

The clear button helps you clear out data quickly. The first time you click on it, it will clear price and quantity, the second time it will clear the item and units. So if you’re entering multiple entries of the same item (e.g. Strawberries), you’ll click it once in between. When you move to the next item, click twice.

Pricebook doesn’t have Internet permissions. You don’t set up an account somewhere. You interact through your phone. It’s just simple.

Is there some feature you’d like to see? Just e-mail me. If you look at the reviews of my “PTO Tracker” app, you’ll see that I’m a real person that responds to customer requests.

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GreatToysOnline.Com – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.


Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

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* This App is currently down because of the server changes *

We are (Registered as GToy’s Marketing). The Philippines’ Online and Sports Superstore providing the best original Collectible Toys and Hobby Products from USA and Japan. started on eBay in June 2001 and now has 5 Retails stores, 2 eBay stores and online store to serve all Toy and Hobby Enthusiast.

Customers can purchase products via visiting any of our 5 retail outlets and stores at Makati City, Manila City, Quezon City, Muntinlupa City and San Juan City.

We also accept orders via text message (sms), e-mail, phone call, online store at and eBay store.

Since 2001 we have over 12,000 positive feedback on eBay and thousands of satisfied customers both here in the Philippines and worldwide from countries like USA, Canada, Japan, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany and more!

We accept both single orders and wholesale orders for all Toy Collectors.

Special request / Special orders accepted, please email us photo / details to

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We are Distributor / Reseller for the following top toy brands:

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NORMA – Always be up to date with our NORMA App.


Always be up to date with our NORMA App.

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Be always up to date with our NORMA App. You can access our current and upcoming offers, find the nearest store in your area and can easily navigate there. Make your own shopping list together, you can also send SMS or e-mail. For the next shopping to come!

For our guidance for protection of your personal data, please look here:

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