MjavHov – Pet tags for dogs with custom laser engraving texts.


Pet tags for dogs with custom laser engraving texts.

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Buy your dog a nice pet tag with laser engraved text.

More than 100 breeds.
Pet tags are quality made, chromed and painted by hand.
With nice packaging MjavHov pet tags are suitable as a gift for dog lovers.
We currently offer more than 100 breed pet tags: airedale terrier, alaskan malamute, american staffordshire terrier, australian shepherd, beagle, bernese mountain dog, border collie, boston terrier, boxer, bulldog, cairn terrier, cavalier king charles spaniel, chihuahua, chinese crested dog, cocker spaniel, flat coated retriever, french bulldog, german shepherd, golden retriever, great dane, karst shepherd, labrador retriever, landseer, maltese, newfoundland, poodle, pug, schnauzer, shih tzu, siberian husky, sighthound, staffordshire bullterier, west highland white terrier, whippet, white suisse shepherd, yorkshire terrier,

Create and order pet tags from your mobile or tab in a minute.
PayPal payment supported.

Worldwide free shipping.

Personalized laser engraved pet tag brings your pet home.

More: mjavhov.com

See detail information: https://goo.gl/AOEwP9

Compara.ro – Compare Prices! Compare products anytime, anywhere!


Compare Prices! Compare products anytime, anywhere!

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Compara.ro mobile application helps you to shop online and compare prices to find the best offer for the products that interest you. The application is easy to use, use the barcode scanning and QR Code can easily find the products you want to compare. You will always find updated information about products and also have the opportunity to evaluate and read reviews left by other buyers.

To use the barcode scanning free will have to install BarCode Scanner that you can download from here: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id = com.google.zxing.client.android & hl = en

Download apk file: https://goo.gl/bDTLkP