Primeurs Fruits Légumes – The Futures: Learning to choose the best fruits & vegetables in season.

Primeurs Fruits Légumes

The Futures: Learning to choose the best fruits & vegetables in season.

Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 0Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 1Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 2Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 3Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 4Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 5Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 6Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 7Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 8Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 9Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 10Primeurs Fruits Légumes screenshot 11

The mobile application “The Futures” will teach you how to choose the best fruits & vegetables in season when you’re at the market.

Much more complete than a simple calendar seasonal products, the app provides detailed information for each fruit and vegetable cards. Discover how to choose a fruit or vegetable, how to keep it and how to adapt.

Do not hesitate to tell us what you think so that we can improve it!

Intended for an audience in search of lost flavors, it can find a taste for simple, local, and much better for the health things. All with visuals that make you want to bite it!

– Run the application and see the mosaic of fruits and vegetables in season in the current month.

– Each fruit & vegetable sheet contains the following information: the months of availability, how to choose the storage time at room temperature and cool, its main asset, its nutritional values, tips and practical information

– Victor Brown, pastry chef, offers simple and quick recipes that sublimate seasonal fruits. Coming Soon … chefs and food bloggers who will put together other proprietary recipes!

– Discover the Wheelbarrows! Facts & figures on fruits & vegetables (most vitamins, the less calories, etc.).

– The application is also part of an eco-citizen approach by offering seasonal and local products in France.

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