ColisPrivé – Real-time tracking of parcels entrusted to Private Parcels.


Real-time tracking of parcels entrusted to Private Parcels.

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ColisPrivé The application allows to follow, in real time, packages entrusted to Private Parcels, whatever the sign from whom you ordered your package. Simply fill in the No. 3 packages or first few characters of the brand and your customer number.

Private package offers 2 offers:

– Easy: your package is delivered to you either in letter boxes or in person, or to a third person. If you are absent, the Private Parcel teams take care of delivering your package in the relay nearest to your home. Private parcels then sends you an email or a text message to inform you of the address of the relay and its schedules.

– Bi: your package is delivered to you either in letter boxes or in person, or to a third person. If you are absent, the Private Parcel 3 teams offer solutions redelivery (home, a third person, one of the 4500 relay).

At any time, you can follow the steps of your package: the application on our website, phone 0899 010 010 (€ 2.50 per call).

If concern for delivery, you can also file a complaint directly from the application. This function is accessible at the bottom of the retail package of the screen.

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CardStar – Go Cardless with CardStar™


Go Cardless with CardStar™

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Go Cardless with CardStar™ from Constant Contact. Fast, easy & secure!

LIGHTEN YOUR WALLET and move your plastic loyalty cards, reward cards and membership cards to your phone so you never miss out on a reward, discount, or deal again.

IMPORT YOUR CARDS IN MINUTES using your phone’s camera for hundreds of national and regional retailers, libraries and associations. If we don’t support a card, or if your card doesn’t have a barcode, it’s easy to create a custom card.

BROWSE THOUSANDS OF DEALS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS including special offers, sales, daily deals and much more from your favorite places to shop. Save grocery coupons directly to your card – no clipping required. Get deals when and where you want them.

CHECK OUT IN STYLE and have the cashier scan your cards directly from your phone. Note: this feature is designed to work with many models of handheld scanning guns, but not self-checkout stations or belt scanners. In the event that a barcode does not scan, have the cashier enter your number by hand.

YOUR INFORMATION STAYS PRIVATE AND SECURE with advanced features like card backup and passcode lock. Protect your cards from loss or unauthorized use.

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QR BarCode Scanner – Best Barcode and QR Scanner with qr code generator to scan QR codes and products

QR BarCode Scanner

Best Barcode and QR Scanner with qr code generator to scan QR codes and products

QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 0QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 1QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 2QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 3QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 4QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 5QR BarCode Scanner screenshot 6

Do you’re looking for a simply codes checker to be able to scan QR codes, that will you keep on seeing barcodes around or to compare prices on barcodes during your shopping. This latest free QR Barcode reader app will be your great code scanner ever !

Scan barcodes on products, or Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.
“QR BarCode Scanner” is much more than just a QR and barcode scanning app, it’s a way of shopping smarter and getting the best deal comparing prices that you can. This application Scan and Decode bar codes using your built-in smart phone camera.

“QR BarCode Scanner” works great on your phone and tablets, and you can see a quick and simple history of your scans on your device. Which is perfect for both you intrepid folk that scan every QR code you ever see as well as those of you that use QR Codes for business.

The app allows you to share contacts, apps, and bookmarks in a QR Code.You can create QR Codes and share them with friends or save them to your phone for later usage.“QR BarCode Scanner” is essentially your everyday QR Code and Barcode scanner with a pretty fancy generator attached to it. It’s not just a scanner and it’s not just a generator, but it does lean more to the creation side of things.”QR BarCode Scanner” can be used to create some very nice looking QR codes

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Handy Belostok – Your navigation system in Belostok :)

Handy Belostok

Your navigation system in Belostok 🙂

Handy Belostok screenshot 0Handy Belostok screenshot 1Handy Belostok screenshot 2Handy Belostok screenshot 3Handy Belostok screenshot 4Handy Belostok screenshot 5Handy Belostok screenshot 6Handy Belostok screenshot 7Handy Belostok screenshot 8Handy Belostok screenshot 9

Useful program for people, goes to Belostok.
It will help you to find different kinds of:
– Shops
– Markets
– Gipermarkets
– Galeries
– Hostels

It can show info offline.
It will help you to see currency rates.

Information in the application has been compiled from various online sources. Such as:
and many others.

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