* City deals in the city belong to the site shows the last 50 opportunities.
* City the opportunity to read the site’s information. Therefore, what is given that the information is shown on the site. Some of the photos from the site not given the opportunity to have a picture is normal.
* Opportunity to see the details you need to click on the picture or the detail icon. If you click will be redirected to the respective entry in the opportunity site.
* Home screen sharing application, or you can share related opportunities while touring opportunities.
* We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvement.

See more information: https://goo.gl/k0XxgA

BechDe – Voucher Trading App – A platform for selling & buying gift vouchers at a reasonable price for all.

BechDe - Voucher Trading App

A platform for selling & buying gift vouchers at a reasonable price for all.

BechDe - Voucher Trading App screenshot 0BechDe - Voucher Trading App screenshot 1BechDe - Voucher Trading App screenshot 2BechDe - Voucher Trading App screenshot 3BechDe - Voucher Trading App screenshot 4BechDe - Voucher Trading App screenshot 5

An application which lets you connect with the people to Buy and Sell Gift Vouchers.

Have you ever had a voucher which you wanted to sell it off at a reasonable price because its useless for yourself?

or Have you ever wanted to buy a Voucher at relatively less price, so that you can save your few bucks?

Then, here is the Voucher Trading Application for people who want to sell their vouchers at a reasonable price or to buy vouchers at a relatively less price. Thus providing a great platform for Vouchers Exchange where in both Seller/Buyer are benefited !!

Outstanding Features:

– FB Authentication for secure login and avoid storing passwords with us.
– Takes just 30 Secs to Post your Voucher.
– Easy Browsing.
– Just select voucher you want to buy, contact the owner and Make a Deal!!
– You can also share a Voucher over multiple social networks.
– Works on most of the Android devices.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/St5mmi

Sales Tax Discount Calculator – Calculate tax in up to 3 cities, know total before paying. Best TAX calculator

Sales Tax Discount Calculator

Calculate tax in up to 3 cities, know total before paying. Best TAX calculator

Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 0Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 1Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 2Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 3Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 4Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 5Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 6Sales Tax Discount Calculator screenshot 7

With three configurable TAX rates to quickly change from one to the other, great for people who travel or need to calculate TAX in different cities.

Sales Tax / VAT Calculator is a handy calculator that will display sale price, tax and total in real time as you enter values and make calculations. Find out the exact price to pay for an item with a discount using the built in discount calculator. The absolutely best calculator for shopping and sales people

– Calculates Sales TAX and Total values as you enter values or make calculations
– NEW: Quickly choose between 3 configurable tax settings. Great for traveling!
– NEW: Rounding Option: Calculate TAX using natural or rounding down result
– NEW: Briefly show your TAX settings at startup
– Customize colors for Text, Buttons and Background. Show your team spirit or your own style!!
– Enter your own TAX ID labels to whatever you want
– Easy to use one TAX ID to calculate Tips!
– Deduct the tax from a total price to find the pre-TAX price.
– Includes built in Memory functions.
– Pre-set discount calculator allows you to find the final price after discount, including TAX!

For questions, suggestions or bug reports email me.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/M2rvQ0

Markette Ne Kadar? – How in the Market? – Market Price Comparison Platform

Markette Ne Kadar?

How in the Market? – Market Price Comparison Platform

Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 0Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 1Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 2Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 3Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 4Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 5Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 6Markette Ne Kadar? screenshot 7

How in the Market? grocery / supermarket / hypermarket sector in the light of information gathered from firms located in the visitor-to-date, objective and reliable price information aimed at providing a totally free grocery price comparison platform.

In today’s competitive market environment, the rates of exchange in order to make visitors / market aiming to offer price comparisons on the Market How Much?, These goals be first in line is the most consumed by the consumer focuses on grocery products.

Product / price range increases with each passing day in the Market How Much?, But also informs visitors about the campaign and opportunities.

Of a wide range of products offering in the Market How to search? application, also thanks to the barcode reader in the prices of the product bar code offers access.

How in the Market? into service after the date of visitors, the most accurate, unbiased and up to date with market price reach, price comparisons between and grocery stores / supermarkets / hypermarkets related news, campaigns and opportunities from one point to reach offers.

Our platform has no connection with any brand. In addition, any product can not be purchased through our website.

For more information, please visit our website.

To the problems you experienced on the application side, we are using with your phone model and Android version at info@markettenekadar.co can support the development of practice passing.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/w3oaIj