NABU Siegel-Check – Logo photograph and see whether a food is ecologically recommended.

NABU Siegel-Check

Logo photograph and see whether a food is ecologically recommended.

NABU Siegel-Check screenshot 0NABU Siegel-Check screenshot 1NABU Siegel-Check screenshot 2NABU Siegel-Check screenshot 3

Photograph logos on food and NABU Seal-Check will tell you if the product is recommended ecologically!

Short info and reviews help you to recognize the environmental benefits of each character. The making shopping easier and provides quick orientation on the go.

Anyone can with his decisions at the grocery store to help make our food is produced environmentally friendly. Logos and labels on packaging should provide guidance to identify organically produced, fairly traded or regional foods. Meanwhile, however, there is a flood of logos and seals that often complicate rather than facilitate a clear view. The NABU seal check you can see at a glance which, foods are good for the environment, climate and nature.

In the gallery you can also search even after sealing for different product categories and find out what is available for trustworthy character. In the database identifications were considered that are nationwide to find in the supermarket or in stores and where customers could suggest an ecological benefit.

In the gallery can be found, inter alia: EU organic logo, German organic seal, Demeter, Naturland organic, Biokreis, ECOVIN, Fairtrade label, GEPA fair +, not genetically modified, for more animal welfare, ASC, MSC, NATURLAND, SAFE, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, Pro Planet, Blue Angel – reusable, regional window, Stiftung Warentest, OEKO-TEST, DLG.


– Photograph the product label
– Automatic detection of seal
– Information and Reviews of the Logos
– Overview in a sealed gallery
– Search function
– Filter by product group

Note on Auto Seal detection:

– The seal of recognition by photo only works with smartphone, not tablet PC.
– An Internet connection must exist. The photo should be as sharp as possible.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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