Easy Shopping List – Easy Shopping List! Learn what is missing and what price to buy will get!

Easy Shopping List

Easy Shopping List! Learn what is missing and what price to buy will get!

Easy Shopping List screenshot 0Easy Shopping List screenshot 1Easy Shopping List screenshot 2Easy Shopping List screenshot 3Easy Shopping List screenshot 4Easy Shopping List screenshot 5Easy Shopping List screenshot 6Easy Shopping List screenshot 7Easy Shopping List screenshot 8Easy Shopping List screenshot 9Easy Shopping List screenshot 10Easy Shopping List screenshot 11Easy Shopping List screenshot 12

Leave aside the list of paper and calculator! Do your shopping is now easier!
With Easy Shopping List you have the option to create personalized shopping lists by inserting the goods you need to not forget anything when you’re at the supermarket. For this application has a list of products where you can register the goods according to your requirements. Once registered a goods you do not need to register it again and you can insert it into all your purchases later.
With the ready list, just go inserting the value and quantity of each item and mark the checkbox on the right of each, and as you do this, the app will show the total value of the items already marked. Once you put price and quantity on all items marked and the corresponding checkboxes you arrive at the supermarket already knowing what the total price of your purchase hassle.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/UhRlfv


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