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Have you ever gone through a shopping mall and discover an ideal gift for someone special but couldn’t buy it at the moment? Shopping Wish List is designed to make it easier for you generate a list for you to consider at a later time. The app uses an easy and intuitive design that even a beginner can use. All that is required to do is drag and drop specific categories into individual boxes below. With a click of a button, the list is generated where the user can now select the specific item from spinners and even preview the item when the browser opens.

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무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) – Do not forget whether buying a list, let's check purchase!Kakao talkMeetchicle. ^^

무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록)

Do not forget whether buying a list, let's check purchase!Kakao talkMeetchicle. ^^

무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 0무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 1무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 2무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 3무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 4무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 5무엇을 살까? (장보기, 쇼핑 목록) screenshot 6

What to buy? (Shopping List) is
Create a shopping list and purchase
To determine whether the purchase of the app. ^ ^


[How to use]
1 Enter the name of the goods after
A cute character of becoming cart
Add to your account Login to the selection list.

2 Press and hold the item
Modified / deleted.

3 If you have to buy goods,
Please touch the list.
Whether to buy a color change I can see at a glance.

4 silttaen Want to delete all the list,
Press the menu button at the bottom of the ‘Reset’ button in the screen.

May if you know how to use?
Now ‘buy what?’ With
Fun to go shopping Go ~!

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ふるさとコム – ふるさとコムは、生産者の方が直接、お客様に商品を販売するために、極限までシンプルにした通販サービスです。他の通販サイトとの違いは、以下の通りです。



ふるさとコム screenshot 0ふるさとコム screenshot 1ふるさとコム screenshot 2ふるさとコム screenshot 3ふるさとコム screenshot 4







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