PickMe Fruits – Always pick the freshest fruit in the store!

PickMe Fruits

Always pick the freshest fruit in the store!

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Finding ripe, fresh fruit has never been easier. PickMe Fruits cuts out all the old wives tales and instead gives you proven methods of choosing the freshest fruit in the grocery store or market. Learn which fruits to take home with you based on how they look, feel, smell, and sound. PickMe Fruits will also teach you how to store your fruit for maximum flavor. Discover the secrets of finding the perfect fruit and leave the tasteless fruit at the store!

Note #1: Some fruits are available for free! If you want to access all the fruits just purchase the upgrade within the app.

Note #2: You don’t need to be a ninja to use this fruit chooser.

Note #3: Using this fruit picker may cause the urge to brag about your newly found knowledge while shopping. Control this.


Pick Me fruit works great in these stores: walmart supermarket, target, sams club, costco, wegmans, kroger, aldi, save a lot, trader joes, fareway stores, winn-dixie, safeway, bjs wholesale, fairway market, foodland, giant eagle, price chopper, piggly wiggly, giant food, shoprite, or any produce or grocery store.

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See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/omsvHe


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