NowDiscount: Deals & Coupons – Get Online Prices From Your Local Retailer

NowDiscount: Deals & Coupons

Get Online Prices From Your Local Retailer

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Become an informed shopper with NowDiscount and never overpay again!

NowDiscount is the perfect shopping assistant for those seeking to find the best local deals,
discounts and coupon codes. Our discount shopping app includes several advanced features to
ensure that you always get the best bang for your buck, including a barcode reader and
scanner, price comparison tools, online price match and much more.



Use the barcode reader to scan bar codes or search our product database to check for the best
price, at online shops or local stores. Your search history is saved so you can view former
searches at any time!


Perform shopping research by reading product details and cost information to help guide your
purchasing decision


Use the price comparison tool to find the best price online or from select stores and retailers in
your local area willing to match the low price


See nearby local retailers willing to match online prices. If you don’t select a specific store, click
to find the next closest store


Buy from a local store or click on the online price to purchase directly from the online retailer


Boost your shopping research by creating secure wish lists of products that you are interested in


NowDiscount is the go-to shopping comparison helper app to drastically increase your savings
while shopping online or at a local store. Using the NowDiscount barcode scanner and price
comparison tools, you will always receive the best deals and low, cheap prices for a variety of
products, including electronics, laptops, car tires, games, books, clothes, fashion accessories
and so much more!

Our app compares prices with data from the following retailers: Target, Amazon, Walmart, Best
Buy, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Apple, BH Photo Video,, Circuit City, Comp USA,
Crutchfield and several others.

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Pronto Pizza – доставка пиццы – The incomparable taste of real Italian pizza now and your city!

Pronto Pizza - доставка пиццы

The incomparable taste of real Italian pizza now and your city!

Pronto Pizza - доставка пиццы screenshot 0Pronto Pizza - доставка пиццы screenshot 1Pronto Pizza - доставка пиццы screenshot 2Pronto Pizza - доставка пиццы screenshot 3

The incomparable taste of real Italian pizza now and your city! Pizza Delivery «Pronto» has a global reach:
· Moscow and Moscow region;
· Kazan;
· Naberezhnye Chelny;
· Nizhnekamsk.
* Charm of Italian cuisine in the restaurant menus “Pronto”

Pizzeria “Pronto” – a real pizza empire, where every dish is prepared with skill and respect for the ancient recipes. This is the case where the normal at first glance, pizza delivery can turn an ordinary meal into a holiday flavor. Taste of real Italy – not only pizza, but also in the famous pasta, risotto, salads, baked meat with browned crust. Millions of people around the world prefer Italian cuisine for their democratic form and sophistication of content: the same pizza, pasta or steak can decorate and romantic dinner and a business breakfast or lunch.
All these dishes «Pronto» deliver to your office or home, and to place an order is easy! Now you can quickly and easily determine the choice of:

· Search for a restaurant on the map;
· Prices and daily changing menu;
· Order without overpayments and margins;
· Photos of dishes with a description of the ingredients.

* Continuing the tradition
For more than 13 years since the opening of the first restaurant «Pronto» we were able to create a special, as close to the authentic, the tradition of culinary excellence. Because we can say with confidence that our pizza is nothing indistinguishable from a real Italian pizza, and our pizzeria «Pronto» can be proud of their meals under the brand become almost common name

«Pronto pizza»: steak, spaghetti and pasta, fresh salads with cheese and crisp greens.
Experienced chefs know the secret of revealing the taste of Mediterranean cuisine: authentic Italian food – especially pizza – prepared only from fresh, grown under the warm southern sun products. And also need aromatic herbs, shading the main flavor, flour special meal of durum wheat, olive oil and … skills and the love wizard that prepares the dishes.
 All components of authentic Italian cuisine are collected in restaurants “Pronto”, which will give you a unique species «Pronto pizza»: with tomatoes, cheese, salami, seafood or mushrooms.

* For any occasion
If your choice – Italian pizza, then it can only be «Pronto pizza», a real gourmet meal! This is a hearty breakfast, energizing, home dinner or a business lunch, giving courage, candlelight dinner, setting up on romance. Our pizza empire “Pronto” gives joy introduction to the traditions of Italy in every job to another pizza delivery was for you a little culinary discovery. Italian food is not only tasty, but also useful, because you can easily afford breakfast, lunch and dinner in an Italian style. After all, our food is so different: in the morning – tender pasta in the afternoon – a juicy steak with a salad in the evening – crispy pizza.

* Always on time
Every restaurant-pizzeria “Pronto” (and they are in our network of more than 40) is always ready to take your order. Our fleet consists of more than 150 cars, which in minutes will deliver hot, high-quality and consistently delicious pizza, wherever you may be. And the taste of sunny Italy brighten your day!

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BURGER KING Card – Russian official app Burger King Card Mobile Russia for Android.


Russian official app Burger King Card Mobile Russia for Android.

BURGER KING Card screenshot 0BURGER KING Card screenshot 1BURGER KING Card screenshot 2BURGER KING Card screenshot 3BURGER KING Card screenshot 4BURGER KING Card screenshot 5BURGER KING Card screenshot 6BURGER KING Card screenshot 7BURGER KING Card screenshot 8BURGER KING Card screenshot 9BURGER KING Card screenshot 10BURGER KING Card screenshot 11BURGER KING Card screenshot 12BURGER KING Card screenshot 13

Russian official app Burger King Card Mobile Russia for Android.
Now you can use your Android device to make purchases at Burger King through augmented in advance at the restaurant (so far only) Card.
This is the fastest way to pay Burger King – just scan the bar code!
With this application, you can pay for purchases in all Russian restaurant Burger King from the account of the card Burger King with the help of your Android device.
You can check the balance of your card Burger King and see the transaction history.
Download the app, enter his number and PIN of the card Burger King, register your card and the app will generate a bar code to be scanned at the cash register to pay.

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