GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) – Save up to 45% * on your shopping list.* According to studies. SPAIN

GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas)

Save up to 45% * on your shopping list.* According to studies. SPAIN

GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 0GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 1GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 2GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 3GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 4GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 5GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 6GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 7GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 8GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 9GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 10GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 11GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 12GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 13GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 14GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 15GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 16GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 17GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 18GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 19GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 20GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 21GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 22GuaitXopFree (Marcas Blancas) screenshot 23

Android Application with the products and their correspondences private label distributors of various supermarkets in Spain.
These are the supermarkets whose label products are available in the application GuaitXopFree:
Auchan, Ahorramas, Carrefour, Caprabo, Consum, Dia, Eroski, El Corte Ingles, Hipercor, Lidl, Mercadona, Supersol …
And brands like Allied Highness and distributing to different supermarket chains.
For each of them, a very complete record linked to the official site, his platform ONLINE PURCHASE and a STORE LOCATOR (ideal for holidays) is shown.
Constant product.
Updated May 25, 2014 Products.

Since Version 4.0.0:
Ability to add products to your personal favorites list.
Ability to make your own shopping list.

Also, is the ONLY APP GuaitXopFree of Spain REALLY FIND enables manufacturers by its number RGSEAA (ex RGSA), regardless the product you are interested or not in the database of private label products listed. Note: Starting from version 3.1.0 included.

All designed to make savings in the shopping cart as comfortable as possible.

These marks are property of their rightful owners.

Contains Advertising.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:

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