Greenz – Health Is Wealth from Greenz infrastructure


Health Is Wealth from Greenz infrastructure

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Health Is Wealth
Greenz is a revolution that aims at making every home healthier, happier & wealthier by bringing less than 24hr young fresh, clean and healthy vegetables to your neighborhood.
It is unique & first of its kind with core focus on reducing time & gap between the farmer and the consumer.
Our Greenz store
1. Greenz currently has over 100 stores in Hyderabad delivering superior quality fresh fruits & vegetables.
2. Greenz is establishing 200 more stores shortly taking the count to over 300 stores in the twin cities & soon expanding to Bangalore & Chennai.
3. Greenz shall have over 1000 stores in the next few years across South India.
4. Greenz is the first of its kind ‘Farm to Fork’ model procuring directly from farmers across India through its pack houses/collection centers and delivering fresh fruits & vegetables in your neighborhood every day.

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