Ares Shopping List – Ares Shopping List – Your grocery list

Ares Shopping List

Ares Shopping List – Your grocery list

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Ares Shopping List is a software developed to managing grocery lists. Through this application you can create custom lists to help remember the items to be purchased.

* DISCLAIMER: This application is a shopping list, is not for downloading songs.

Ares Shopping List has the following features:

– Possibility to add / edit lists
– Registration of products with categories
– Checking of purchased items
– Undo checked items
– Inclusion of product price
– Total value of purchased products
– Registration of markets
– Backup / Restore database
– Generation of reports
– Themes
– Barcode
– Paid version without advertising

The software is designed for those who want a simple and flexible management of grocery lists, with no need to register several fields that will not be used.

For translation errors, please send us e-mail.

Download apk file for android:


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