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Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

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YourDealz is the first app of ultimate bargain – which is now combined with even the gadgets from China

We offer you every day new deals, discounts, coupons, price error, freebies, deals, buy recommendations, coupons, live shopping and Group shopping deals, China gadgets and much more.

With the app you do not miss YourDealz bargain more. Let you easily via push message updates on current news and missed absolutely nothing.

– Fast loading times (optimized for EDGE)
– Simple comment function
– Push notifications
– Push notifications by category
– Sleep for push notifications
– Search
– Chat
– Free of advertising and Co.
– GadgetDealz integration
– U.v.m.

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– Online Brochure:
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ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.


Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 0ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 1ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 2ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 3ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 4ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 5ショッピングアプリmelo「メロ」ファッション好きの女子向け screenshot 6

The product of fashion mail order site all in one!
Popular shopping app melo for women of character-based blue / Harajuku (Melo). Nice product advantageous product of 999 yen or less can be checked at once, not previously met is found lots of coins!

■ melo this app (Melo)
◯ product of fashion mail order site of more than 200 stores MAGASEEK and ZOZOTOWN, WEGO, SPINS, GRL, BUYMA, BASE, minne, and RUNWAY channel, etc. can watch in one mass! Because buy, and charming was not able to find so far Deaeru and item!
◯ by switching the tab, advantageous product of 999 yen or less, can be checked in the list!
◯ it with a “Like” to like the product, I can make a favorite list of your own!
◯ The watch is a popular product, the trend of fashion now at a glance!
◯ If follow stylish user to match of the sense, you can check in bulk products that person is watching!
◯ The product of nearly 1,000 points every day has been updated and you do not get tired to watch!
◯ products melo thing you post all users. I can post the item on the web be your own!
(Can be from within the app, to post the goods of various shopping site)
◯ products you think you want is OK that share appeal to friends and boyfriend! Can easily and Twitter LINE, etc. Facebook, and get to buy a nice product!

■ good to you this
Mail order site that sells clothes of blue character-based and Harajuku can not be found, there are things that you give up.
• Use a flea market or app shopping app, watch the fashion goods smartphone, I like to shopping in and buy.
– I love shopping flea market-based application or application Fril (Mercalli) of (furyl), etc., IQON (icon), sumally origami and (summary) of (origami), etc. meracri.
· I like a lot as well as clothes, items and wallets shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, miscellaneous goods, related in style.
· I want to manage collectively and WEAR SHOES, and CAP favorite you find in shopping site.
• Even the real world, enjoying window shopping, buy something on impulse catapult.
-It is common to be watching coordination of others, or you can reference.
-I download well coordinated application, fashion apps, shopping apps, such as flea market application, the application for women that are related to online shopping.
– There are things you think you’re using an image-based SNS, that it be nice If you buy a product of this image.
· If you thought katyusa and iqon, is a nice katyum want.

■ I can buy this fashion item!
◯ items stylish unique and a little like they sell in Shimokitazawa and Harajuku is a lot! For example,,,,
One piece, clothes, coats, jackets, shirts, tank tops, jackets, skirts, pants, skinny, the show bread, etc..
Accessories and necklaces (rings), earrings, earrings, brooches, bracelets, etc. Ring.
And footwear items system pumps and sneakers, heels, slip-ons, sandals, boots, flat shoes, etc..
-Headdress-based items knit hat and cap, hat, or beret.
· Fashion-based items and watches wallet, socks, muffler, Kachumu, headband, etc..
Bag system item Luc, clutch bag, tote bag, shoulder bag, pouch, etc..
Gadget-based items such as stickers MacBook iPhone cover case.
And interior systems and furniture items tableware, wall stickers, lighting, cushions, objects, etc..
Cosmetics Rouge-based items, teak, mascara, eye shadow, etc..

■ All the brand-name products also are publications
High approval rating in Harajuku girls, unique design brand MILK, JOY RICH, merryjenny, IamI (I Am, I), lychee, WEGO (Researching our), SPINS and (Supinzu), of course, BEAMS ROSEBUD and (Beams) (Rosebud from popular select shop JOURNAL STANDARD (journal standard), UNITED ARROWS (such as United Arrows),), SNIDEL (Sneijder) MAJESTIC LEGON (Majestic Legong), LILY BROWN (Lily Brown), GINGER ALE (ginger ale), jouetie (Jue tea brand the required number listed for stylish college student CHAOPANIC (Chao panic), Mystic, and Naichichi)
In addition, from the popular high brand CHANNEL (Chanel), MARC by MARC JACOBS (Marc by Marc Jacobs), Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood), Kate Spade (such as Keitosupeido), KENZO MAISONKITSUNE and (Kenzo), such as (Maison fox) from the target brand, foreign fast fashion brand ZARA, H & M, such as American Aparel also stocked us abundantly.
High degree of attention recently, NEW BALANCE (New Balance), NIKE (Nike), VANS (buns), ADIDAS (Adidas), PUMA from (Puma), sneakers brand Reebook (Reebok), SUPERGA (Superga), Onitsuka Tiger, etc. rave reviews and articles as well.
The products with high design of handmade many creators make is also the hottest!
Brand of 1000 or more, from the creators work, and attempts to find a “want” item just for you!
Brand items of 1000 points or more every day because is updated, fun and timeless to look at is here.

■ I know melo More
◯ product of fashion mail order site of more than 200 stores gathered in one.
from leading mail order site of Japan that anyone knows, until the product of stylish personal shop that you do not know, The items listed on melo is, lots. Great selection of not only Japan, but also attractive products around the world.
And attractive products you did not even notice until now, meeting with shop gathered here!

◯ Let’s follow the user to worry about.
In melo within, let’s follow suit rapidly be put of sense, Users anxious.
you will be able to check on the timeline products that person is watching.
Let’s would be found in the melo in a shopping companion not only here!

◯ to the likes, favorites list of your own to want the product.
Products were Likes to go accumulated in my page, can be look back again and again
That you show it to a friend want item, get bought be good!

◯ product items that all user submitted.
Product that all user himself posted. products that everyone is worried about is to understand at a glance, you can to keep the trend before anyone else.
If you press the app within the + button, you also can be added to the melo items to be worried.
Products you post your will surely lead someone to! “Want”!

■ For information about purchasing the item on
For publication product, in the form of flying to link within the app, you will be connected to an external site.
In each external site, you can purchase your procedure.

■ keyword easily mistaken
Please be careful and Melo, and Melo · MELO, the difference of hiragana, katakana. In addition, please be careful about spelling and MERO mero, meru · MERU, mery · MERY, such as nelo · NELO · Nero.

■ Thank you for reading to the end.
Please enjoy the new shopping app “melo” in one item of fashion mail order site of all!

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Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) – EVE & D – online store of fashion jewelry and costume jewelry for women.

Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d)

EVE & D – online store of fashion jewelry and costume jewelry for women.

Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) screenshot 0Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) screenshot 1Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) screenshot 2Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) screenshot 3Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) screenshot 4Украшения и бижутерия (eve-d) screenshot 5

EVE-D – is an online store for trendy products for women and men. The main direction of our assortment store are high quality jewelry and fashion jewelry for women. Attached you will find the most fashionable necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.
1. Locate items in the appropriate category or search
2. Found Add product to cart
3. Fill in your contact details and submit your request
Within 15 minutes, the operator will contact you to confirm your order.
How are delivery:
We work with the majority of logistics companies and deliver to the whole of Russia.
After you make the order, the operator will tell you what shipping method will be most beneficial to you. For example, you can choose the post of Russia or postomaty PickPoint. Everything will depend on the timing and delivery costs, which will arrange it for you.
How to pay:
We accept most types of payments (from Yandeks.Deneg to bank cards and receipts).
After you make the order, the operator will offer the most suitable way for you to pay. For most of the payments does not take commission, and you do not pay anything extra.
– Unique merchandise that you will love
– High quality products and affordable prices
– Free shipping when buying from Russian 2500 rubles.
– More than 10 shipping methods (mail Russia, self, postomaty Pick Point, pochtomaty Qiwi Post, DPD, CPCR, CBS and many others)
– Same day delivery (for customers from St. Petersburg on the day of delivery of the order, for customers from Moscow – the next day, for other regions – depending on the chosen Logistics)
– More than 10 types of payments (cash, credit cards Visa and Mastercard, receipt of Sberbank, Yandex, Webmoney, Qiwi wallet, Pay pal, payment terminals, payment networks and Euronetwork Messenger, etc.)
What products can be found in the Appendix:
In our catalog you will find fashion jewelry for women:
Bracelets, Earrings, Brooches, Pendants, Necklaces, Necklaces, Necklaces, Collars, Natural stones, fashion jewelry sets

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