Andina Joyería – select various models of jewelry according to your convenience time.

Andina Joyería

select various models of jewelry according to your convenience time.

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Welcome to Andina Jewelry, jewelry offer unique design. We design and build modern fine gold jewelry, fine silver jewelry, jewelry also precious and semi precious stones and a special line of jewelry based Colombian Emeralds.
Andina Jewelry was founded in Bogotá Colombia in 2000. With over 14 years experience in retailing wedding bands, bridal settings, jewelry and gift Colombian emerald jewelry. Andina Jewelry Internet began in 2014 as We http://www.andina-production where all the jewelry to create These facilities enable us to offer high quality rings at affordable prices. Andina Jewelry is committed to the highest standards in the manufacture of fine jewelry and also wedding bands and engagement rings. All our wedding rings are made with the highest quality and detailed work. Our fine jewelry is made of 18K gold and 925 silver can select the type of metal you would like to place the order and we’ll get to make your jewelry to your specification. The diamonds used in our jewelry are VS in clarity, H or better in color and cut to the proportions to show maximum brilliance and fire. Natural emeralds we use come directly from mines, allowing us to certify all processes and ensure quality. In Andean Jewelry No purchase is complete until you are 100% satisfied.

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