FRiJ – A better fridge for all!


A better fridge for all!

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Have you ever been excited to go home after a hard day of work and cook yourself that special meal you’d been planning? Have you then opened the fridge to find that some of the ingredients have expired? What a tragedy! Its too bad that on your way home, you didn’t have some way to check if some of your food had gone bad.

A convenient database of your refrigerator would certainly make trips to the store as efficient as possible. Well, such a database does exist!

FRiJ is an application designed to mirror your fridge, and by simply taking a picture of your receipt, it keeps track of what’s in your fridge and when it will go bad.

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Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) – Find the best gift faster with Free Gift

Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre)

Find the best gift faster with Free Gift

Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 0Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 1Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 2Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 3Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 4Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 5Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 6Regalo Libre (Mercado Libre) screenshot 7

Ever happened to forget a birthday or not know what to get someone?

With Free Gift, just check the list of upcoming events, and will found in one step, the ideal gift for everyone. You can import contacts from your address book Android, Facebook or Google+ easily.

The application knows and learns about people like using an advanced artificial intelligence engine to suggest the perfect gift for each person.

In addition, you can receive notifications of upcoming events and direct access to the suggested gift for that person. You’ll never forget thanks to a gift Free Gift.

This application connects to Free Market for finding gifts.

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굿맘스마켓 유아용품 직거래 장터 (무료/중고/신상품) – Baby Bargain Mom used direct trading App MarketGood Mom Classic, Good Mom English song

굿맘스마켓 유아용품 직거래 장터 (무료/중고/신상품)

Baby Bargain Mom used direct trading App MarketGood Mom Classic, Good Mom English song

굿맘스마켓 유아용품 직거래 장터 (무료/중고/신상품) screenshot 0굿맘스마켓 유아용품 직거래 장터 (무료/중고/신상품) screenshot 1굿맘스마켓 유아용품 직거래 장터 (무료/중고/신상품) screenshot 2굿맘스마켓 유아용품 직거래 장터 (무료/중고/신상품) screenshot 3

※ Features
Market is Good Mom Baby (child children) and household goods used direct trading marketplace dedicated Android app.
Seller is a free sharing / used / new goods, such as location-based registration of Baby related items and buyers can search around the current position in the order of items that can be found near.
Direct contact between seller and buyer, and capabilities to enable direct trading and information sharing among members in the community can be

※ Key Features
1 Membership and Withdrawal
  : Join the My Profile page is available in sign and qualified mobile phone nickname and password after the registration is completed.
    Only the minimum amount of information for safe transaction request.
    Producer registration, message boards and other important items are used and the soundness of the transaction in order to ensure the safety of members is available only to registered users.
    Withdrawal of Members My Page My Account menu Withdrawal Request to withdraw from the process is in progress.
2 items registered
  : Goods registered members are subscribed to this service only.
    Sharing is free to enter the sales price ₩ 0 is the free sharing of classified, please check the new product is a new product.
3 search features
  : Main page or list of registered items, etc. ‘Top’ option by clicking the check box to turn on the search button to search around when you run around in your registered items will be shown on a priority list.
4 My Page
  : My page has three sub-menus exist.
  1) Wishlist
    Member of the Save Saved list of favorite items
  2) Sales Management
    Member of the list of goods for sale registered
  3) Orders
    View Order History from the neighbor and cancel Mall
  4) Member Info
    Unsubscribe or modify e-mail and password

Good Mom Market’s main menu by pressing the icon on the main screen, you can choose, and the menu key is pressed, the automatic login option, a notification appears in the feature set and shared functions.
The icons in the main screen, offering the following features.

  A. We Sell
    1) Used marketplaces
       The list of items you want to sell used
       You can check.
    2) New
       New list of items you want to sell
       Can be found.
       New registration in the Register menu item “New”
       New’ll automatically check the check box
       Will be registered in the list.
    3) Free Sharing
       Free for those who would like the item to be registered
       The list of these items can be checked.
       If you wish to register for free sharing goods,
       Registration menu item, enter a price of ₩ 0
       You will.
  B. Obtain
     When there is a specific item you wish to obtain posts
     Leave a note to other members registered goods
     Can be induced.
     Sub-menu (Wanted / live / divide)
  C. Good Mom Mall
     Good Mom Market, check the list of registered mole neighbor
     You can select the appropriate neighbor to neighbor Mall Mall
     You can see a list of all products registered in
  D. Hangout
     Mom talking with other space.
     Good Mom Classic, good, and good English song Malmesbury Malmesbury
     Market Cafe and can be linked to the chat.
  E. Goods Registration
     Registration is a page that goods sold.
     Won free entry to 0, the unit price of sharing classified
     , And check the new product with new product category
  F. Notice
     Three sub-menus are present.
     1) Notice
        Good variety of Malmesbury Market notices informing
        You can check.
     2) damage example gongyubang
        Between the posts or articles about Malmesbury
        A place to share examples of the damage.
     3) in / Q & A
        Or suggestions, suggestions or questions
        Registration can be made space.
  G. Community
     Community has four sub-menus exist.
     1) Mom’s Gallery
        Members of the gallery space is you.
        Happy kids of things, you would like to share
        Information in the consultation on the things you need help
        Feel free pictures and articles about the story
        To the world.
     2) Current Reviews
        Purchase or be aware of your good
        Members, and to share that space with.
     3) promoting
        If you need publicity to promote space.
     4) sokpulyi
        Frustrating day living, a little upset, angry one
        If you have any siwonhi loosen in here.
  H. My Page
     My page has four sub-menus exist.
     1) Wishlist
        Member of the Save Saved list of favorite items
     2) Sales Management
        Member of the list of goods for sale registered
        (Sale, reservation, sales completed, modify, delete, update date, article view)
     3) Orders
        Order a Good Mom mall in the shipping information
        You can view, order cancellation feature.
     4) Member Info
        Unsubscribe or modify e-mail and password

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RAM MULTIPAGO – Telcel recharges and Payment System Services


Telcel recharges and Payment System Services

RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 0RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 1RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 2RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 3RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 4RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 5RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 6RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 7RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 8RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 9RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 10RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 11RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 12RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 13RAM MULTIPAGO screenshot 14

Recharge Telcel and Payment System Services (Recharge your Telcel, Make Payments CFE, Telmex Megacable, Dish and more)
Earn money from your smartphone!.
Make use of the service wherever you happen to be!
– Reliable
– Fast
– Easy to handle
– Available 24 hours a day
– Configurable and intuitive Auto
– Automatic Updates
– Supports Tablet and Smartphone
From the main menu you can access multiple services such as Telcel, Telmex, CFE, Dish, SKY, among others.
The Celaris-Multipagos Service is automatically updated to provide a quality service.
Receiving all changes and updates in real time allowing you to get the most out of your application.

See more information and download apk file for android: