Пиццерия Ромашка : Доставка – Delivery Pizza Daisy in St. Petersburg, fast and convenient way to order food

Пиццерия Ромашка : Доставка

Delivery Pizza Daisy in St. Petersburg, fast and convenient way to order food

Пиццерия Ромашка : Доставка screenshot 0Пиццерия Ромашка : Доставка screenshot 1Пиццерия Ромашка : Доставка screenshot 2

Delivery of food from Pizza Daisy in St. Petersburg: pizza, pasta, burgers and sandwiches, meats, soups, salads, appetizers, focaccia, desserts, drinks!
– Update the catalog of dishes during application startup when running Internet;
– View the catalog of courses for the null Internet;
– Management of the list of favorite dishes: the addition to the list of dishes, removing dishes from the list and from the very dishes;
– Add to cart dishes as dishes from the catalog and from list of favorites
– Editing basket full time cleaning baskets, removing unnecessary elements with a confirmation dialog, change the amount and form \ type of dish;
– If you add the one dish to the cart, a new position in the basket does not appear, the number of dishes for added previously dishes;
– Order on the registration form has a button geopozitsii that will determine the next address to your seat position and asked to select one of them. You just need to add the number of the apartment \ office and so on.
– All entered when ordering addresses are saved under the new order can be quickly obtained from a list of previously entered addresses;
– All bookings made are saved and can be viewed and deleted;
– The earlier order can be repeated, with all the dishes of the order will be automatically added to the cart, added to those dishes that it already has;
– Information on the buttons shown: Shopping: The sum of the order Favorites: Number of selected dishes Orders: Number of orders made;
– Implemented to search for dishes like the title and the description;
– To list courses within a category of dishes using SwapView the comfort level up (temporarily disabled).

To date available for the delivery of three districts in St. Petersburg:
Frunze, Kalinin, Vyborg

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/P5tIOc


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