ListOnGo Shopping List – Your shopping list on the go.

ListOnGo Shopping List

Your shopping list on the go.

ListOnGo Shopping List screenshot 0ListOnGo Shopping List screenshot 1ListOnGo Shopping List screenshot 2ListOnGo Shopping List screenshot 3ListOnGo Shopping List screenshot 4

Introducing ListOnGo – the modern and beautiful shopping list application for Android.

For years, we have used pen and paper for our shopping lists, misplacing them, ripping them and scribbling them out – so we created ListOnGo, the simple, intuitive and modern shopping list application.

ListOnGo puts your entire shopping list into your pocket – giving you the ability to change it, delete it and use it – it’s the diverse way to create shopping lists, from your fingertips. With ListOnGo, you never have to read scribbled handwriting again, because with our smart sorting system – you can see exactly what you need to buy, and exactly where you need to go in the shop to get it.

ListOnGo acts as a modern shopping list – letting you add items, check them off and even email lists directly to us when you are not near your phone – synchronise your shopping lists and let everyone have a copy to add to and check off… with ListOnGo, shopping just got a lot easier.

Simply create an account and start creating your lists – let others login and add to them, edit them or use them. What’s more, you can sync your list across devices and receive push notifications when things change – say goodbye to paper and hello to a better way to shop.

ListOnGo – reinventing the shopping list, for once and for all.

– The ultimate way to sync shopping lists across devices.
– Create shopping lists on the app, or by emailing us at:
– Check off, edit and add new items to a shopping list when you want.

How to create a list via email:
Creating a list via email is simple, simply use the subject line as the List Name (create a new list or add to an existing one), and add your items by separating them with a comma or a line.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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