Jaket – selling bike jackets, touring jackets, motorcycle jackets, rainwear, gloves, etc.


selling bike jackets, touring jackets, motorcycle jackets, rainwear, gloves, etc.

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selling bike jackets, men’s jackets, women’s jackets, touring jackets, motorcycle jackets, rainwear, gloves, etc.

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if difficult to access directly to the web: jaketrespiro.com/

Jacket Respiro – Ridingware inspired by the many motorcycle users in Indonesia. This is the reason for us to provide motorcycle riders gear from head to ankles without ignoring the safety and comfort of the rider. Fashion meets function is the idea behind our products.

Respiro started its existence in 2008 in Bandung West Java. Preceded by “sharing and discussion” 2 young children who both have “PASSION” in the field of technological innovation in the jacket. Our activity Startlingly of developing and producing waterproof & windproof jacket for some overseas brands and well-known outdoor brands in Indonesia.

RIDER has a high risk. Therefore, there must be people who provide security equipment for the person who knows RIDER RIDER with any specific needs. Respiro product development begins with studying the climate, the characteristics and movement RIDER. Later designs were made and every product will go through the testing phases to ensure that the product Respiro will improve safety, comfort and ergonomic wearer

Respiro began development of its products for motorcycle gear. Then starting in 2010, security and convenience technologies we developed for motorcycle gear is also applied to other areas and our choice fell on the BIKE. Both of these areas will be the CORE of business and product development of our products in the future. Respiro should be able to answer the challenge posed by the millions of motorcycle and bicycle user in Indonesia by offering products that can improve safety and comfort for the wearer.

Detail information: https://goo.gl/KPqPK1

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