Bengali Grocery Shopping List – Grocery shopping list for Bengali style cooking

Bengali Grocery Shopping List

Grocery shopping list for Bengali style cooking

Bengali Grocery Shopping List screenshot 0Bengali Grocery Shopping List screenshot 1Bengali Grocery Shopping List screenshot 2Bengali Grocery Shopping List screenshot 3Bengali Grocery Shopping List screenshot 4

Mahiways solutions is happy to introduce you a simple grocery list application in the bangala font.

Grocery List in Bangala – This application will help you to list your grocery requirements as well as track their shopping. Grocery application in Bangala to fulfill Bengali cooking needs.

With this application, you will be able to

1. Make a list of grocery items which you want to shop
2. Define Quantities or number of grocery item which you want to buy
3. Track Shopping Status
4. Re-use list on next shopping date
5. Send shopping list as SMS.
6. Send shopping list to Grocery shop owner for home delivery and cross check once you receive delivery of groceries. We hope you will enjoy this application.

• Purchase ONLY what you need
• Do not forget essential items

As every effort always has room for improvement, we would be happy to listen to you. Please send your suggestions and feedback to us on and we will review your suggestions and incorporate them.
Happy Shopping !

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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