Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP) – A social shopping app for beauty products. Join the beautocracy!

Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP)

A social shopping app for beauty products. Join the beautocracy!

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Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP)

We created PRIMP to be a social shopping network where members can:
1. Upload and tag looks with your favorite products. This enables other members to see how products look on real people.
2. Create and share product reviews. All product reviews are from members of the PRIMP community and are attached to a member profile you can view. This gives you trust worthy context and assurance the review is from a known individual as opposed to an anonymous reviewer.
3. Create a virtual makeup bag. This feature enables the community to show and share the products they love. When you add a product to your virtual makeup bag, you are casting your vote for that product. Your vote helps other Primpers know what to buy. Our algorithm pushes the most popular products to the Top Products Lists. We also cover top trending products by month on the featured feed.

Your vote counts and furthers the movement of the beautocracy. Instead of influencing purchase and discovery through advertising or contrived content, your contribution lets truth reign. We give the power to the Primpers. The only way to make our community better is through your participation.

The purpose of PRIMP is to empower you as a beauty consumer in all facets of the discovery and purchase process, including how you are marketed to as a consumer. You are the beauty editor. You will find that not all products are reviewed. We do not pay for reviews. Early on, we paid interns to post reviews. However, we were certain that the reviewers personally used the products and posted honestly. It is our intention to fuel the growth of content organically. We’d love your help. If you’re a beauty blogger or product junkie, here’s your chance to join the Beautocracy!

We want you to join the movement. Lend your reviews, your votes and your looks to the beautocracy. We want to hear about the products you love, why you love them, and what they look like on you! If you’re shy, just upload and tag a swatch ☺

We have 133,000 products in our database. The products span from drugstore to luxury retailers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us at We will gladly add the product to the Primp product database.

We have seeded the reviews and looks with the help of our beauty blogger partners and experts. Join us in our effort to bring truth to beauty shopping for all Primperkind.


“Looks” is a collection of selfies that are tagged with beauty products so other Primpers can recreate your look. Inspire other Primpers and upload your own pretty looks!

“Primp Bag” is your virtual makeup bag that can be seen by other Primpers. When you add a product to your virtual makeup bag, you’re voting. Our algorithm takes into account your vote, reviews, and the popularity of the product in the product score to raise the product’s visibility in each category.

“Top Lists” are a collection of products in each category that are most popular within the Primp network

“Perks” – this is a work in progress. Our desire is to bring you exclusive perks. Believe me, we want this for our Primp network. The more products you add to your bag, the more looks you create, the more power we have to bring you exclusive perks. We have gone to many brands seeking their support of this feature and the feedback we have received is consistent across the board: increase your user base and activity and we will gladly send perks to brand advocates all day everyday!

“Primpers” are all of us who use the PRIMP app

“To Primp” means to use the app and all of its primpifying features

“Beautocracy” is the collective effort of Primp members working together to democratize the discovery of beauty products, whereby we all have a vote and a voice on what products we love and what we deem as pretty. There is no one version of beauty that reigns. A beautocracy enables a peer-to-peer discovery of beauty products, tips, and looks.

Power to the Primpers!

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