Rythu Bazar – Daily vegetable prices in Rythu bazars(Local Vegetable Market)

Rythu Bazar

Daily vegetable prices in Rythu bazars(Local Vegetable Market)

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Fresh, Quality and Low Priced Vegetable market near your place with help of this app
Rythu Bazar(Local Vegetable Market) is a social app. The main motto of this app is to know the prices of fresh vegetables and Fruits available near your local Rythu Bazars .It provides the flexibility to navigate the nearest ‘Rythu Bazar’ available from your location.

You can access this app through your smart phones and tablets.

Highlight feature of this Mobile app:

This app help the individuals to know the daily prices of the vegetables near your Rythu Bazars chosen by the individuals.
• Check daily vegetable prices in Rythu Bazars. Stop paying unrealistic price.
• Vegetable and fruit prices are updated on daily basis.
• Connect to internet and Update for latest prices.
• Set Alarms to get notification on price changes.
• Simply check your nearest Rythu bazar vegetable prices using ‘My location’ option in menu.
• No need to be online every-time to check prices, prices will also be available offline.
• This app covers all Rythu Bazars located both in Andhra,Telangana and various states.
• Context menu is provided for more options.

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/M3srjU

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