Navona Antiquariato – Navona Antiques, said navonaantiquariato is a historic shop in Rome.

Navona Antiquariato

Navona Antiques, said navonaantiquariato is a historic shop in Rome.

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Navona Antiques, also called navonaantiquariato is a store of historic Rome. A meeting point for collectors and antiques is the ideal destination to make a nice gift. Giving is an Art, collecting a pleasure!
Navona Antiques offers high quality and originality of ideas, even at low prices, with a certificate guaranteeing the absolute authenticity of every item in our store.
Our proposals ranging in many sectors Antiques:
Silver, Jewellery, Sheffield, Ivories, Bronzes Clocks, Paintings, Porcelains, icons and a lot of curiosity from all over the world.

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At the beginning of 2010, two friends gave head, always attracts our interest in e-commerce “How about we start at the” I’ve started to make plans.

“This is the work that is already well behind television, radio, media power and holdings of the largest e-commerce sites, can we achieve success,” he asked ourselves.

Their annual advertising budgets behind them, next to the capital holdings and banks’ pale even to consider such an initiative would have great courage.

We gather our courage.

We have embarked on two cronies.

In our country, the idea of โ€‹โ€‹an entrepreneur, you need to realize all the problems of life, we lived all bureaucracies, undaunted, we were a little staggered / shaken, but we have the fall ๐Ÿ™‚

Our capital; was that our dreams and courage.

We have a lot of money because the company did not even negotiate with us, still did not give up, with some we did not want to work.

Adopting our thinking / working with us / we support companies / business partners through approximately 32,000 registered customers today who have become a little e-commerce systems.

Our goal is not to win too much money selling products ever. (I could not anyway, we had no advertising budget to introduce ourselves to / still do)

“Few products we sell, our earnings are not more, but you get a lot of our customers, our customers prefer us choose us again in the next need,” he always tried.

Therefore, our rate is very low earnings in the product, for example, will choose from an LED TV or a portable computer that we gain from our 30,00TL – 40,00tl’y does not.

In addition, our system you can see the products in our warehouse waiting the products the customer is not ready (we do not have tanks already), you confirm your order and payment have completed the product / products direct from the importer’s warehouse to be made shipping we provide to you. Thus, the inventory cost risk in prices do not see both at the product / products from the importer taking delivery and our side to your cargo for us to have to pass at least 1-2 day period also bring the snow remains, the product / product for quickly getting you can.


We are still two of us and chose us to meet your needs, you gain invaluable to make you happy in the knowledge that we are moving in and discipline.

Sincerely …

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ZaoDich – Mua Bรกn & Thanh lรฝ – Mercantile Exchange, trading & disposal trusted members Webtretho

ZaoDich - Mua Bán & Thanh lý

Mercantile Exchange, trading & disposal trusted members Webtretho

ZaoDich - Mua Bán & Thanh lý screenshot 0ZaoDich - Mua Bán & Thanh lý screenshot 1ZaoDich - Mua Bán & Thanh lý screenshot 2ZaoDich - Mua Bán & Thanh lý screenshot 3

Application ZaoDich mobile version with many attractive features, support community members Webtretho sale and liquidation efficiently anytime, anywhere via your mobile phone

The topics include:
– Baby: Nutrition, Food, Care, Fashion, Accessories, Toys
– For Parents: Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty, Cosmetics, Health, Travel, Restaurants, Hotels, Wedding
– For Families: Nutrition, Food, grocery, Furniture, Kitchenware, Electronics, Electrical Accessories, Refrigeration,
– The liquidation of baby products, parents, family
– Job: Admissions, Recruitment, Training
– Real Estate: Housing, Hire, Repair …

Features supported in the mobile version:
– Browse forum
– Search / Last Post
– Create new article / Quick Comment
– Message / Friend
– Monitoring / update via notification

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์บ ํ•‘์žฅ๋น„ ์ตœ์ €๊ฐ€ – Provide information to choose the cheapest equipment popular with campers.

์บ ํ•‘์žฅ๋น„ ์ตœ์ €๊ฐ€

Provide information to choose the cheapest equipment popular with campers.

์บ ํ•‘์žฅ๋น„ ์ตœ์ €๊ฐ€ screenshot 0์บ ํ•‘์žฅ๋น„ ์ตœ์ €๊ฐ€ screenshot 1์บ ํ•‘์žฅ๋น„ ์ตœ์ €๊ฐ€ screenshot 2

It provides real-time information to selected cheapest popular with campers camping equipment.

The equipment is treated as follows.
Tent, camping tables, BBQ tables, beam projectors, bluetooth speaker,
Relax chair, grilled sea, folder block shelf, stoves, heaters, lanterns

Including Cocoon, asterisk on, room 2 popular Coleman Weather Master Series
Kobeah tent prices too.

The Bluetooth Speaker for Digital Emotion camping, beam project price information is also provided.

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์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ – ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ – Collection of domestic famous shopping mall, with fashion Battle recommendation service, women Store Top Rank, Top Rank malls man

์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„

Collection of domestic famous shopping mall, with fashion Battle recommendation service, women Store Top Rank, Top Rank malls man

์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ screenshot 0์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ screenshot 1์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ screenshot 2์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ screenshot 3์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ screenshot 4์Šคํƒ€์ผํŒ - ์—ฌ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,๋‚จ์ž์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,ํŒจ์…˜์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ,์‡ผํ•‘๋ชฐ์ˆœ์œ„ screenshot 5

Style sheet –

– Will recommend the product to analyze user preferences through fashion battle.
– You can view real-time sell.
– I can hold my cell phone fashion items eseona PC with easy operation.

Woman shopping mall, man, you can easily view the mall, shopping malls ranking, the fashion mall at a time.
Cacao style, style Cher, stylist, Cody North, easier than shopping, you can find a collection of fashion style.
Fly style, Chuo, red ohpin, aura Jay, Jade, Jay Style, Uptown holic, riphap, IM glass, Sound City, seek Fox, yeopseu shop, nanninggu, pingkigeol, Make gardening, aka famous women such as confirmation of a shopping mall just a new product You can.
Style top, according Mercy, by a slim, Hobbit Town, Korean Farrell, J. Bros, a ping-pong ball, Shizuoka Yes, nappo, Scotland Kou, red Homme famous men, including new products can be found in the mall.
Kupang, Timon, Wemakeprice, coupon collection, and better fashion product information only put together a collection service to kuchya net exhaust Clothing Store service.

# Tag
E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Home Plus CJ O Shopping Mall H H. 11th Street Mall shocking deal Gmarket AUCTION Auction CJ Mall emart homeplus lottemart jwigu Kupang district g9 Wemakeprice wemakeprice cupang Timon Ticket Monster

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๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ – Good seller and consumer goods (Good) to buy (Buy) sell (Sell) Open Market marketplaces GoodBuySelly

๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ

Good seller and consumer goods (Good) to buy (Buy) sell (Sell) Open Market marketplaces GoodBuySelly

๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ screenshot 0๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ screenshot 1๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ screenshot 2๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ screenshot 3๊ตฟ๋ฐ”์ด ์…€๋ฆฌ screenshot 4

How are you?
GoodBuySelly is
Good seller and consumer goods (Good) to buy (Buy) sell (Sell) on the open market marketplace.

[Feature 1 – Communication]

SNS Market yiraseo friendly.
Talk message, comment, photo shop using the review function to communicate with the host nimdeul try.

Beyond simply buying and selling marketplaces,
Regular relationships with consumers and sellers,
A place to share useful information, I hope you are.

Sobijayi business?
Unsatisfied demand is that your comfort,
Please satisfied that the lavish praise.
All praise dance delightful fighter.
Panmaejayi business?
Sideorado gwichaneu little busy,
Please answer the words of an active consumer.
Word of mouth is a very good start from the seller stereotype.
[Features two-word-of-mouth;

Yiraseo SNS market is driven by word of mouth.
Other members of the reviews, comments, love it! Try to report follow.
All goods will be love or click the link to word of mouth can spread.
Pat Cash Rewards Lynn links sales and donations made, step by step stacked.
Pure word-of-mouth advertising will not make the market.
Goodbye Shelly Why does not the advertising,
Advertising that can not give a good product to introduce too much Joe.
Exposure to purchase your products, like, comments, views are determined by the composite index.
Reducing the burden on the end price is competitive advertising handsome,
This benefit is consumers who will return intact.
Goodbye Shelly’ll serve a king who is the seller,
Those items, please escort the king of those consumers.
Goodbye Shelly app, try to install it now.

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