PunSuay.Com – Shop for cosmetics and supplements .High quality ,Cheap Price and Service Mind.


Shop for cosmetics and supplements .High quality ,Cheap Price and Service Mind.

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PunSuay.Com Shop

“Help You to be beautiful and Rich”
“We are a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and beauty products.
That has been entrusted to SMEs in the region of 10 countries AEC.


1 Selection Procedure Strict material To get the best raw materials. The best source At a price you can afford comfortable.

2. Cosmetic procedures Every step you through GMP manufacturing standards to ensure that the products sent to customers are assured of safe products all passed the record certificate. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)..

3.The test product to the fact that the skin actually not Over Claim.

4. Pushes the agent Supplier The distribution The main income for themselves and their family.

5. Promote the business of SMEs in health and beauty. Distribution both within and outside the country.

6. Cooperation between entrepreneurs of the cosmetics and beauty together through associations, clubs involved.

7 To cooperate with the government. Business in Action The implementation of welfare and tax.


1 Certificate training. Cosmetics and Beauty Department of Industrial Promotion

2.Product operators wonderful career SMEs Award 2014.

Miss Chatrat Phutiveerapong

– Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Forum.

Mr.Kiattirat Jindamanee
– Masters of Business Administration Degree. Ramkhamhang University
-. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lat Krabang

Detail information: https://goo.gl/6Cj7YA

My Altasfera – My Altasfera cash & carry. Your flyer with you.

My Altasfera

My Altasfera cash & carry. Your flyer with you.

My Altasfera screenshot 0My Altasfera screenshot 1My Altasfera screenshot 2My Altasfera screenshot 3My Altasfera screenshot 4My Altasfera screenshot 5My Altasfera screenshot 6My Altasfera screenshot 7My Altasfera screenshot 8My Altasfera screenshot 9

Browse your flyer with the App My Altasfera.
With this App, developed for smartphones and tablets, you can see the flyer on the Altasfera point of sale nearest you.
Find stores Altasfera on an interactive map or in a list sorted according to distance from your location.
There is also a section on the corporate website and contact information.

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/R3lD6q

Catálogo Btbox Bebes – 2015 catalog of children's products Btox Babies.

Catálogo Btbox Bebes

2015 catalog of children's products Btox Babies.

Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 0Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 1Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 2Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 3Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 4Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 5Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 6Catálogo Btbox Bebes screenshot 7

2015 catalog of products distributed by the Company Btox Baby infant products.
Since our inception in September 2005, and every day we try we keep trying to think that the products that we distribute to all your customers, sons, daughters, nephews, cousins, friends … they are as if they were for our own children.

Children are the joy of the house and if I think about every day is in them. Any slight mishap with them sometimes costs us a bigger problem than it should, but … are our children.

That is why all our products the first objective is the safety of the product itself, its materials without stop worrying of course the comfort of children, parents, design and respect for the environment.

With this it is said that all the brands we represent have high quality products, safety, and are both practical and innovative. We will help you in doing the hard daily to care for and educate your children a little easier.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/TXRWJx

1 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay – Never again miss 1 euro bargains on Ebay!Quick and easy

1 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay

Never again miss 1 euro bargains on Ebay!Quick and easy

1 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay screenshot 01 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay screenshot 11 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay screenshot 21 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay screenshot 31 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay screenshot 41 Euro Schnäppchen in Ebay screenshot 5

*********** No official eBay app **************

This app is simply possible in the large
EBay categories to browse without permanently
adjust the filter, which you verpasset
no ebay bargain more.

The advantage over the official app or mobile site is that you can see € 1 auctions in upper-level categories and does not need to specified category.

Program is designed very intuitive!

Just try, grab bargains, save money and provide feedback.

————————————————– ————-
App is continuously optimized.

————————————————– ————-
For the content of Ebay auction will not be held liable.
The app does not diehnt as a tool but as a mediator
between buyers and sellers.

See more information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/WgkiXb

非常勸敗 每日淘寶好康 – 非常勸敗每日淘寶好康提供來自於淘寶合購資訊與台灣各大購物網站的優惠、限時免運訊息、每日超過1000檔的優惠情報,是女生逛淘寶/網拍、找團購、上網購物的好姊妹。

非常勸敗 每日淘寶好康


非常勸敗 每日淘寶好康 screenshot 0非常勸敗 每日淘寶好康 screenshot 1非常勸敗 每日淘寶好康 screenshot 2非常勸敗 每日淘寶好康 screenshot 3

非常勸敗 每日限時好康,是一款整理淘寶合購資訊與台灣各大購物網站限時好康的小程式,提供來自於淘寶網、Yahoo奇摩購物中心、17P好康、7Net、瘋狂賣客、UDN買東西、PCHome等數十家購物網站的優惠訊息、每日提供超過1000檔的優惠情報,每日更新、並由V小編嚴選評鑑,是女生逛淘寶、逛網拍、找團購、上網購物的好姊妹。


更多優惠資訊 :非常勸敗官方網站:verybuy.cc/
合購穿搭資訊 :非常勸敗粉絲團:facebook.com/verybuy

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/Z8fGYn

Comfi – Interenet shop Comfi.md


Interenet shop Comfi.md

Comfi screenshot 0Comfi screenshot 1Comfi screenshot 2Comfi screenshot 3Comfi screenshot 4

Megamarketul online COMFI.MD sa deschis în anul 2010 şi este unul din cele mai importante proiecte ale comerţului electronic din Moldova.

Realizatorii COMFI.MD şi-au propus iniţial să elaboreze o afacere capabilă să funcţioneze eficient, care, pe de o parte, pe baza unui suport logistic-operaţional propriu (2 depozite în oraşul Chişinău, propriile încăperi pentru oficii şi call center) să asigure recepţia, prelucrarea şi livrarea comenzilor, iar pe de altă parte, să propună cele mai noi şi mai comode servicii web capabile să facă cumpărăturile pe internet cât mai simple, comode şi accesibile unui cerc larg de utilizatori.

În anul 2012 COMFI.MD a intrat în categoria proiectelor strategice Comfi Grup SRL, obţinând o posibilitate unică pentru dezvoltarea şi perfecţionarea modelului de afaceri ales. A început dezvoltarea activă a proiectului pe toate direcţiile. Pe lângă electrocasnice, telefoane, aparatele de climatizare, existente în sortiment, s-au mai adăugat încă 18 compartimente, ceea ce a făcut ca magazinul online să devină unul din cele mai mari din Moldova.

Astăzi pe site se poate cumpăra practic orice! Şi toate la preţuri convenabile şi cu livrare gratuită în orice punct.

Fiind o echipă de manageri, marketologi, programatori, logişti, noi tindem să creăm nişte condiţii mai favorabile pentru efectuarea cumpărăturilor: încercăm, cu ajutorul fotografiilor, descrierilor, sistemului de filtrare şi selectare, să ajutăm la alegerea aparatelor tehnice, precum şi să organizăm livrarea în termenele cele mai scurte.

Why order the goods on our website:
– Professionalism consultants
– The system of filters and analysis
– Addition and efficiency of actions
– Club discount program
– Every day – the goods at a discount!
– Wide range of goods
– Convenient payment methods
– Fast Delivery

Comfort above, prices are lower – We always strive to meet our motto Enjoy your shopping at our site!

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/NOKZx3

DeMotores – You can buy and sell cars, motorcycles and trucks. Buy your next vehicle.


You can buy and sell cars, motorcycles and trucks. Buy your next vehicle.

DeMotores screenshot 0DeMotores screenshot 1DeMotores screenshot 2DeMotores screenshot 3

DeMotores the official application for Android was renewed. Now enter the car you want is at your fingertips!

Download the application free classifieds for cars and find your next car from your phone.

– Refine your search and get the best prices for used cars, new cars, motorcycles, trucks and more.
– Add to favorite ads that interest you.
– Share ads on Facebook, Twitter and social networks.
– Photo galleries of cars zoom to observe in detail the announcements of cars that interest you.
– Browse inside vehicles with new panoramic 360 ° (available in our catalog 0 Km).
– Call, send an e-mail and placed on the map to vendors directly from the application.
– Saves in one place data that you contact all vendors.
– Search all our categories: 0km cars, spare parts, savings plans to finance your purchase (only available for Argentina).
– You will also find new and used motorcycles, trucks, RVs and nautical items.
– In the category of sailing you can find: boats, cruisers, jet skis and jet skis, boats, dinghies, sailboats, canoes, among other items.
– They are available all makes, models and versions of cars: Chery, Chevrolet, Citroen, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen, and more.

Available for Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/J5K1zX