PunSuay.Com – Shop for cosmetics and supplements .High quality ,Cheap Price and Service Mind.


Shop for cosmetics and supplements .High quality ,Cheap Price and Service Mind.

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PunSuay.Com Shop

“Help You to be beautiful and Rich”
“We are a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and beauty products.
That has been entrusted to SMEs in the region of 10 countries AEC.


1 Selection Procedure Strict material To get the best raw materials. The best source At a price you can afford comfortable.

2. Cosmetic procedures Every step you through GMP manufacturing standards to ensure that the products sent to customers are assured of safe products all passed the record certificate. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)..

3.The test product to the fact that the skin actually not Over Claim.

4. Pushes the agent Supplier The distribution The main income for themselves and their family.

5. Promote the business of SMEs in health and beauty. Distribution both within and outside the country.

6. Cooperation between entrepreneurs of the cosmetics and beauty together through associations, clubs involved.

7 To cooperate with the government. Business in Action The implementation of welfare and tax.


1 Certificate training. Cosmetics and Beauty Department of Industrial Promotion

2.Product operators wonderful career SMEs Award 2014.

Miss Chatrat Phutiveerapong

– Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Forum.

Mr.Kiattirat Jindamanee
– Masters of Business Administration Degree. Ramkhamhang University
-. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lat Krabang

Detail information: https://goo.gl/6Cj7YA


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