Carrefour Greece – Find out first about offers, brochures and discount coupons!

Carrefour Greece

Find out first about offers, brochures and discount coupons!

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Download the new innovative application of Carrefour Marinopoulos is now available for tablet! The Carrefour Marinopoulos forefront once again and brings a revolution in the supermarkets with this easy and intuitive application, which allows you to know directly the deals of the day, browsing through brochures and make your shopping simple and fast, preparing your list easily.
Find out all of our deals even when you are in your kitchen, office or car or any store as they will follow you in every step. The organization of your purchase is now … in your hand.
Configure the list of your purchases, adding new products to it. Simply “scan” the BarCode the product you want and it automatically added to your list.
Operates on standard food, beverage, water, soft drinks, detergents, cleaners, body care & person.
And remember, every time next to one of the products of the list, you see the symbol €, this means that there is an offer on this item. Simply tap the € and inquire about the offer.

Download apk file:

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