Kenakata – Demo for Merchants – Pre-order within 31st August & get 3-month FREE trial

Kenakata - Demo for Merchants

Pre-order within 31st August & get 3-month FREE trial

Kenakata - Demo for Merchants screenshot 0Kenakata - Demo for Merchants screenshot 1Kenakata - Demo for Merchants screenshot 2Kenakata - Demo for Merchants screenshot 3Kenakata - Demo for Merchants screenshot 4Kenakata - Demo for Merchants screenshot 5

Please download the কেনাকাটা Kenakata app to navigate & buy real products from all our merchants –

Demo Android app for the e-commerce platform – Online Kenakata.

Get your first-hand experience at the look & feel of the Android app of Online Kenakata – the first platform in Bangladesh of its kind.

Online Kenakata is an e-commerce platform with mobile apps & admin panel to provide you a smart & seamless e-commerce experience. The apps will be dedicated to each shop & your store’s apps will have their own app/play store link & people can download it directly from there. It’s your app, our responsibility.

This is an on-the-shelf solution for your online/physical(brick & mortar) retail store. You can customize your app as you want – your logo, your branding & choice of colors – everything.

From the admin panel, you can manage your product line & handle all the orders – hassle-free single portal for the retail admins. From the admin portal, update/add products, send notification about your latest promotion/discount & the effect is live & instant.

Join Online Kenakata, take advantage of growing e-commerce oriented user-base all over the country & stand away from the crowd to take your store to the next steps.

Detail information and download apk file for android:

Happy Flowers – Цветочный салон и интернет-магазин.

Happy Flowers

Цветочный салон и интернет-магазин.

Happy Flowers screenshot 0Happy Flowers screenshot 1Happy Flowers screenshot 2Happy Flowers screenshot 3Happy Flowers screenshot 4Happy Flowers screenshot 5Happy Flowers screenshot 6Happy Flowers screenshot 7Happy Flowers screenshot 8

Happy flowers это удобное приложение для заказа цветов в городе Казани , с фотографиями работ наших флористов, адресами магазинов, номерами салонов и многое

Happy Flowers – цветочный салон и интернет-магазин, занимающийся продажей и доставкой цветов по оптовым ценам.

Так же, мы осуществим для Вас доставку цветов в любую точку Казани и пригород.

Предлагаем следующие виды услуг:
-Свежие цветы, букеты и композиции
-Цветы малым оптом
-Свадебные букеты
-Оформление цветами мероприятий

Для постоянных покупателей действует гибкая система скидок

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SwopShop – Обмен вещами – SwopShop – a system for the exchange of non-monetary things

SwopShop - Обмен вещами

SwopShop – a system for the exchange of non-monetary things

SwopShop - Обмен вещами screenshot 0SwopShop - Обмен вещами screenshot 1SwopShop - Обмен вещами screenshot 2SwopShop - Обмен вещами screenshot 3

SwopShop – a system designed for the exchange of non-monetary items. To facilitate the search for the exchange of lots, put in the local currency (SWAP). You give your old stuff to other users, and in return receive swaps, which in turn can purchase any items featured in the catalog.

Application description:

The application replicates the main site and adapts the interface for a comfortable program separate from your phone.

You can:
– Quickly and easily publish their lots
– View catalog lots by Category
– Finding items by name
– Finding items by location. Visible items within 5 kilometers. New acquisitions – in walking distance!
– Make deals with other users
– Manage your account on the system SwopShop

To date, the application is optimized for a resolution of 320×480 or higher. Support lower resolutions will be implemented in future versions.

Join us and get new things, paying off your old things!

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