Mineirão Lanches Delivery – Application legume snacks Shop II Av.Ruy Rodrigues Campinas SP deliveries

Mineirão Lanches Delivery

Application legume snacks Shop II Av.Ruy Rodrigues Campinas SP deliveries

Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 0Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 1Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 2Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 3Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 4Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 5Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 6Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 7Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 8Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 9Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 10Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 11Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 12Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 13Mineirão Lanches Delivery screenshot 14

1. This application was developed by SITEFLASH.S / The server hosting the official website legume snacks Shop II Campinas SP Brazil.

2. To work with the integrated delivery system or order online delivery mineiraolanches.com.br/fazendo-pedidos site gestated in order snacks can only be downloaded through the Google play store with phones and tablets with android.

3. The application is free and is designed to facilitate and enable customers legume snacks shop II can place orders through their mobile devices.

4.Lembrando it would be ideal if before downloading the application you are making free signup through your computer on site Url below:
mineiraolanches.com.br/register registration will facilitate identification of address requests, as well as their updates are logged in there is no need for you, enter your address to each request made. This will save a lot of your time.

5- In the next delivery requests please connect with username and password to place orders your address will be automatically identified if you are registered and logged in.

6- This application works and works only with apps on your connection
mobile if you have problems check your network connection to internet

• Create siteflash Google Play Store and download the app now
Or • Developer; siteflash.com.br/loja-servicos/cadastro-free
• Thank you for downloading our apps personal delivery or delivery I hope you enjoy
• FYI: Edelson (Miner)
• Snacks legume Av. Ruy Rodrigues Shop II Campinas SP
• Contacts legume Snacks:
• http: //mineiraolanches.com.br/contatos
• Twitter: twitter.com/siteflash
• Facebook: facebook.com/siteflash
• Personal Site: Marisa http://www.mineiraolanches.com.br
• Skype fundation Developer: siteflash
• SITEFLASH.S / A http://www.siteflash.com.br
• Webmaster Developer: Andre L. Oliveira: Phone: (19) 98814-3441
• http: //www.andrewebmaster.com.br

See detail information: https://goo.gl/4jkX1U

酒商宝 – Vintners treasure client is Soso wine (sousoujiu.com) site owned businesses launched against members of the management platform.


Vintners treasure client is Soso wine (sousoujiu.com) site owned businesses launched against members of the management platform.

酒商宝 screenshot 0酒商宝 screenshot 1酒商宝 screenshot 2

Vintners treasure client is Soso wine (sousoujiu.com) site owned businesses launched against members of the management platform that can provide orders, merchandise management, convenient operation for businesses, improve operational efficiency, attention to shop anywhere own dynamic, yes, Every single business; expanded store visibility, cost savings promotion, online and offline integration; exclusive “smoking hotel business sense” magazine featured content, booster terminal store marketing; understanding of consumer data, customer master information, future bring for you more business.
About Soso wine:
      Soso wine for consumers to buy wine to create a convenient online platform, is the first and only one alcoholic O2O commerce platform, has Soso Soso wine wine website and the client two products. Now covers Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Taiyuan, Xi’an and other cities, more than 20 other cities are also tensions advance, our goal is to achieve 300 cities across the country, members of the business to reach 100,000 and strive to build the most convenient for the consumer drinks O2O network platform to build e-commerce wine carrier! Contact Soso wine:
Official Website: sousoujiu.com
Feedback E-mail: service@sousoujiu.com Hotline: 400-881-3109 micro letter: sousoujiu

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/OdU5ig

Compare Prices – This apps compare price from online popular online sites.

Compare Prices

This apps compare price from online popular online sites.

Compare Prices screenshot 0Compare Prices screenshot 1Compare Prices screenshot 2Compare Prices screenshot 3Compare Prices screenshot 4Compare Prices screenshot 5Compare Prices screenshot 6Compare Prices screenshot 7

This app simply compares prices of products among popular online shopping sites.
We support all products categories to compare their prices in online shopping sites:

We compare prices among following shopping sites:







See more information: https://goo.gl/KrGmRl

Pricelist – Pricelist.co.id – Price Comparison and Recommendation Site


Pricelist.co.id – Price Comparison and Recommendation Site

Pricelist screenshot 0Pricelist screenshot 1Pricelist screenshot 2Pricelist screenshot 3Pricelist screenshot 4Pricelist screenshot 5Pricelist screenshot 6Pricelist screenshot 7Pricelist screenshot 8Pricelist screenshot 9Pricelist screenshot 10Pricelist screenshot 11Pricelist screenshot 12Pricelist screenshot 13

Pricelist provide information and recommendations lowest price in Indonesia from hundreds of sites classified ads (OLX, Berniaga, etc), marketplace (Tokopedia, Bukalapak, etc.) and eCommerce (Lazada, Zalora, Bhinneka, etc.).

# Find the price by name, category, condition, location and barcode
# Use your voice, type the keyword and barcode scanner to search the prices
# One-time search for all sources of price
# Ads content keep complete and detail
# Search results can be compared and saved
# The results of comparison can be saved and accessed again
# Shopping list features: Simple and easy note shopping
# And many other special features

With Pricelist, Shopping be Cheap!

Don’t forget to give a review after using the Pricelist android apps 🙂
facebook.com/pricelistID | twitter.com/pricelistID

See more information: https://goo.gl/DtRCwb

Vintage Vapor ATX – Link to Vintage Vapor Texas for Rewards, Feeds, Links, & info!

Vintage Vapor ATX

Link to Vintage Vapor Texas for Rewards, Feeds, Links, & info!

Vintage Vapor ATX screenshot 0Vintage Vapor ATX screenshot 1Vintage Vapor ATX screenshot 2Vintage Vapor ATX screenshot 3

The Vintage Vapor Texas App will allow you to stay connected with you favorite vape store!
Instantly link to contact info, share news and pics, learn about what’s new, and more!
~ Built-in Value Vapor Rewards punchcard
~ Valuable Coupons
~ Reviews
~ Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram feeds
~ Specials & Events

Plus, special, periodic App-User Only push notifications for EXTRA SPECIAL savings!

Download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/Of4bv6