A&V Best Trading – A&V Best Trading wholesale, retailing of baby trolley, bicycles and motor cycle

A&V Best Trading

A&V Best Trading wholesale, retailing of baby trolley, bicycles and motor cycle

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A & V Best Trading is providing dedicated service to appealing and comforting baby products. Having established in 1979 and operating for around 35 years, the owner Mr. Tay is doing everything to keep his customers satisfied. A & V Best Trading is a retailer for baby products specialized in baby strollers, baby chair, prams, battery operated motor car for children etc. Babies are the source of happiness in a family and we try hard to delight babies and make your parenthood secure by providing you with innovative and safe products that gives you peace of mind.
A & V Best Trading has been serving for 3 generations till now and this can only be achieved of Tay’s love for children seeing them from new born to small children to teenager. Even our staffs are so satisfied with us that they never left our company.
A & V Best Trading is dedicated to developing the most innovative and safest products that can stand the test of time. You can assure that every A & V Best Trading product, from very small to large ones and everywhere in between, has been designed, developed, crafted, and created with integrity, ingenuity, and safety in mind. We work closely with professionals who include pediatricians, child development experts, and lactation consultants to ensure that our products are safe and beneficial to the development of your child.
We give extensive stress on quality of products at cheap prices at the market. Situated in the heartland of Bedok Central, eastern part of Singapore, A & V Best Trading is providing delivery even when there was no online shop. The customer care service is excellent and people often come after 6-12 months for oiling and basic services and A & V Best Trading does it for free without any charges. A & V Best Trading even give services to home fixing baby cots and others if needed and it doesn’t matter when it was bought, 2 or 3 years before. A & V Best Trading is always ready to benefit their customers in any manner they can. You and your baby are important to them. So go on…have the best time of your life and A & V Best Trading will do the rest.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/f3RDK3


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