Grosir Asia Fashion Batam – WHOLESALE ASIA selling latest collection imported directly from Korea and Hong Kong.

Grosir Asia Fashion Batam

WHOLESALE ASIA selling latest collection imported directly from Korea and Hong Kong.

Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 0Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 1Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 2Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 3Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 4Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 5Grosir Asia Fashion Batam screenshot 6

Based in Batam city NAGOYA, Wholesale Asia has served the sale of goods imported collection for decades. Here you can spend quality goods iimport collection at an affordable price because we have to come directly from the country of origin without the middleman so we were able to sell at wholesale prices.

Our collection consists of BAGS, WALLETS, PERFUME, ROPE WAIST, CLOTHES, JAM and other fashion product of high quality and we strive to keep abreast of the fashion world were there.

We serve all customers in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia whenever and wherever you are. Ordering system and delivery we guarantee you the comfort and security of shopping products your order will arrive at its destination on time. For those of you who are entrepreneurs shops, boutiques and wholesalers in other areas can contact us to get the best price.

The area which has been working with us are: Aceh, Pekanbaru, Jambi, Manado, Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Dumai, Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Balai, Medan, etc.

Product Collection / Fashion in Batam faster than other regions is one of the main attraction called more fresh goods. Happy shopping!

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Termecos – Purchase thermal cosmetics «ISCHIA COSMETICI NATURALI» with your smartphone


Purchase thermal cosmetics «ISCHIA COSMETICI NATURALI» with your smartphone

Termecos screenshot 0Termecos screenshot 1Termecos screenshot 2Termecos screenshot 3Termecos screenshot 4Termecos screenshot 5

Appendix Termecos allows quick and convenient to make purchases from the online store of the Italian thermal cosmetics
«ISCHIA COSMETICI NATURALI» from your smart phone.
The application contains a full catalog online store, and also allows you to see the latest promotions and news.
You can sort by price and directory name, use the convenient search and of course to order products directly from the application.
The goods are delivered across Russia.
The application is fast and consumes a minimum of traffic.
Thanks to everyone who enjoys our app!

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Beste Koop – Download the Best Buy-App! With tests on TVs, e-bikes, tablets and more!

Beste Koop

Download the Best Buy-App! With tests on TVs, e-bikes, tablets and more!

Beste Koop screenshot 0Beste Koop screenshot 1Beste Koop screenshot 2Beste Koop screenshot 3Beste Koop screenshot 4Beste Koop screenshot 5Beste Koop screenshot 6

Useful in the shop! The independent test information from the Consumer easily in your pocket. The Best Buy-App gives you quick and easy understanding of specifications, pricing information and test results. Within a few steps you can find every product the Best Buy. Members have free access to the test information. Non-members pay € 0.79 per product for an access of 7 days.

You can find this app the actual test data of the most popular product, including digital cameras, e-readers, espresso machines, cell phones, laptops, navigation systems, printers, vacuum cleaners, tablets, televisions, dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines.

Useful extras are the favorite list, a list of recently viewed products and the ability to share with others or send. Via email by products And with the release of version 2.0 now you get a call when the Consumer has news about the product. You can also compare products in landscape, and have added a new search and new products to the app.

Members of the Consumers, through the Best Buy App-free access to our independent and reliable test results. You log in with the same data as Once logged in, the app remembers your data.

NOT A MEMBER of the Consumers?
If you are not a member of the Consumers then you can free the specifications and price information view. Once you get into the Best Buy-App test requests, you get the possibility to buy the test results. Temporary access A temporary access badge 7 days costs € 0.79 per product. You pay in the usual way through the Google Play Store.

The last week of each month the results of a product free of charge. Use the app regularly and add it to your advantage!

Products with the predicate ‘Best Buy’ have a good quality for a reasonable price. Our test considers this at least a 6.0.

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Deal Man – Shop Deal Man today!

Deal Man

Shop Deal Man today!

Deal Man screenshot 0Deal Man screenshot 1Deal Man screenshot 2Deal Man screenshot 3

Deal Man strives to offer the most convenient shopping experience possible for our customers. Now you can buy our amazing products and connect with Deal Man wherever you are with our mobile app!

App Features:

-Browse and buy our products
-A live feed of our social channels
-Deals sent right to your mobile device
-Information about us
-A feed of our YouTube playlists

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AutoAR car sales – Sale and buy cars in your local area by using Augmented Reality.

AutoAR car sales

Sale and buy cars in your local area by using Augmented Reality.

AutoAR car sales screenshot 0AutoAR car sales screenshot 1AutoAR car sales screenshot 2

Auto AR offers you to see all car sales ads in two ways :

– Using your camera, you can see car advertisement in an Augmented Reality view mode.

– On a map, you can search for car ads around you and get the route on the map to it, and then contact the seller or dealer.

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Thai Post Tracker – เช็คพัสดุ – Thai Post Tracker – Check the parcel

Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ

Thai Post Tracker – Check the parcel

Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ screenshot 0Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ screenshot 1Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ screenshot 2Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ screenshot 3Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ screenshot 4Thai Post Tracker - เช็คพัสดุ screenshot 5

******* 2016/08/18, while the current version of this App. Could not be retrieved The team is fixing me *******.

**** There are currently lower than the Thai Post Tracker Version 1.4 to be unavailable. Please update to Version 1.5 with the Web address has changed. ****

**** Now Thai Post Tracker Version 1.2 to Support Android quit with Version 2.2 is lower than Sorry about that ****.

Program Thai Post Tracker – check the package is a program for monitoring the status of these Offices.

– Domestic express mail (EMS).
– By registered mail in
– Logistics Post in the country.
– Logistics Post International.
– Express Mail International
– Parcel Post International
– International registered mail

The program, which has stunning looks and ease of use. A new monitoring system provides up automatically.

How to use
1. Track menu by adding a number of new EMS.
2. Bookmark menu is a menu that made the Bookmark EMS Number from History menu by pressing the star key, which is the EMS Bookmark it will be monitoring the new up automatically. If enabled, checking up automatically in the menu Setting.
3. EMS Number History menu added to the menu each Track will all be stored in the History menu by up automatically.
4. Setting out menu to enable / disable the automatic check-up.

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WimmeraWaterSolutions – We provide all the cleaning solution for you direct from the manufacture .


We provide all the cleaning solution for you direct from the manufacture .

WimmeraWaterSolutions screenshot 0WimmeraWaterSolutions screenshot 1

We are an authorised dealer, sales, service and warranty provider of quality pressure cleaners, spare parts and accessories from Gerni, Karcher, Comet, Bar Group and AussieBlast, as well as providing spare parts and accessories to suit most other brands such as Spitwater, Jetwave, AR Blue Clean, Jetblaster, Kerrick, Interpump, Larvor, Powerclean, Lightning, Aussie Pumps, Stella, Kosmic, Nilfisk, Alto, Kew, Stihl, Kranzle and others. Unlike most other companies selling on the Web we have a fully equipped workshop with qualified technicians that can service and repair all types of pressure washers. As hot water pressure cleaners are more complex than cold water units we also offer a predelivery option so that your new unit will come to you ready to use. We also have Aquamate Maxi Tank rainwater tanks, rainwater First Flush Diverters and more.

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