Promo Wall – Demonstrator for Worldline's PromoWall Digital Signage Solution

Promo Wall

Demonstrator for Worldline's PromoWall Digital Signage Solution

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PromoWall app aims to interact with Worldline’s PromoWall Digital Signage Solution by capturing QR’-based digital coupons from the interactive display.

Manage and redeem your coupons either at the point of sale or online. Promowall app v2.0.4 provides the following features:

– QR reader
– Promotion inbox
– Indoor location
– User profile
– My receipts
– Store location
– BLE beacons interactivity (presence detection)

Important notice: this app only works in interaction with the Worldline’s PromoWall Digital Signage Solution. Please contact for more detailed information.

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Barabares – Barabares, the free application with the best liquor delivery service.


Barabares, the free application with the best liquor delivery service.

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Barabares is the first application to smarthpones offering a liquor delivery service. Created by young entrepreneurs, Barabares born in Lima and designed to make your purchases of liquor for delivery are safe, easy, fast and fun.

In our application you will find various options liquor, beverages and supplements to accompany your special moments; with only descargártela, you simplify your ordering process, purchasing and shipping.

Our main objective is to offer the ease of purchase, avoiding complications when leaving home amid joy and moments of celebration with friends or family.

We thus highlight our innovation and competition with the rest of the market so you can trust us and be part of the world Barabares where your fun will never end.

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COCCO Chic – With the app you'll be up to date on trends and developments


With the app you'll be up to date on trends and developments

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Chic In Cocco will found all you want.

With the app you will be up to date on trends and developments

We offer a range of colors and styles to the latest addition to clothing, we also have maxi bags and accessories like necklaces, bracelets, watches, iPhone covers, etc..

Download apk file for android:

BLOTCHWEAR – Blotch Clothing – Blotch clothing – Shopping at its best

BLOTCHWEAR - Blotch Clothing

Blotch clothing – Shopping at its best

BLOTCHWEAR - Blotch Clothing screenshot 0BLOTCHWEAR - Blotch Clothing screenshot 1BLOTCHWEAR - Blotch Clothing screenshot 2

BLOTCH strives to offer the most convenient shopping experience possible for our customers. Now you can buy our amazing products and connect with BLOTCH wherever you are with our mobile app!

App Features:
-Browse and buy our products
-Deals sent right to your mobile device
-A live feed of our social channels

Blotch is an expression of oneself through art. We imprint vivid imaginations and thoughts that are worn which resonates your personality and the vibe that you want to give out to the people around you. We may be operating in a cluttered space but what differentiates us is our resolve to provide you limited edition designs from various artists across the world with a strong focus on quality.

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Öffnungszeiten in Österreich – What is still open? Opening times and stores of dealers throughout Austria!

Öffnungszeiten in Österreich

What is still open? Opening times and stores of dealers throughout Austria!

Öffnungszeiten in Österreich screenshot 0Öffnungszeiten in Österreich screenshot 1Öffnungszeiten in Österreich screenshot 2Öffnungszeiten in Österreich screenshot 3Öffnungszeiten in Österreich screenshot 4Öffnungszeiten in Österreich screenshot 5

The opening times can the app from
– Find easily and quickly stores and pharmacies in your area
-. With Address, Contact and opening times, including special opening times before holidays

The opening times app includes the following industries:
– Supermarkets
– Pharmacies
– Electric markets
– Construction and garden centers
– Fashion & Shoe Shops
– Furniture Stores
– Drugstores
– Catering and Bakeries
– Sports dealer
– Tour operators & hotels
– As well as other distributors (such as post offices, pet shops, paper & book, toy stores, etc.)

where’s that at this time?
– Just find out which branch of a dealer has currently still open
– Practical: the remaining time will be displayed to you directly on the map

Always up to date!
– The opening times and addresses in the app are regularly checked and updated
– If you do not find an error, you can contact us using the app and simply send feedback

Useful functions
– You Let the stores on the map or as a list
– Search by dealer name, city, or address
– Choose from your location manually or let you automatically locate
– Let you easily view route to the branch office
– Filter by transactions that are currently open
– Let you show transactions from only one industry
– Find all the branches of a dealer at a glance
– Pinto current actions by you switch with a single click in the App

If you have questions, suggestions or feedback regarding opening times have app, please log in simply by email at!

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Secret Amazon Coupon Codes – Receive Secret Amazon Coupon Codes to mark products down to $1.00!

Secret Amazon Coupon Codes

Receive Secret Amazon Coupon Codes to mark products down to $1.00!

Secret Amazon Coupon Codes screenshot 0Secret Amazon Coupon Codes screenshot 1Secret Amazon Coupon Codes screenshot 2Secret Amazon Coupon Codes screenshot 3Secret Amazon Coupon Codes screenshot 4Secret Amazon Coupon Codes screenshot 5

This is a FREE Membership into the Buy Wholesale Cheap VIP Club. This app will make you feel just like the VIP you are because you now have mobile access to amazing, free, coupon codes, Gold Box Deals, our proprietary DEAL SEARCH and Lightning Deals. Finally you can access all the Amazon deals in one place using the convenience of your mobile device.

Try our EXCLUSIVE BWC VIP CLUB Amazon DEAL SEARCH! You simply enter in any keyword/phrase and then select the percentage off you would like to receive and our program will search Amazon for those items that qualify for the discount level you indicated. You can adjust the percentage off slider to further fine tune the results to find what you are looking for at the best possible price.

Amazon and it’s third party sellers want to move their products, and introduce new products, all the time. In order to accellerate this process, they have issued to us special coupon codes that allow a select number of customers to purchase these products at discounts of 40% to, are you ready for this, 100% off.

That’s right, FREE PRODUCTS, and we’re talking about all kinds of stuff from kitchen gadgets, to nutritional supplements to pet products, toys, games, jewelry, etc. You name it, and we’ve given it away for free or at deep discounts.

You will also get access to select Amazon Gold Box opportunities and Lightening Deals! If you don’t live on your computer, you normally would never have a chance to take advantage of the savings these deals offer. Let this app do all the work for you!

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