Суши навигатор – Sushi navigator helps you find the closest sushi shop in your town.

Суши навигатор

Sushi navigator helps you find the closest sushi shop in your town.

Суши навигатор screenshot 0Суши навигатор screenshot 1

If you are a sushi lover and often buy land with the other, then this app is for you!
Sushi navigator helps you find the closest sushi shop in your city, will show a map and the address of the store.

Submitted regions at the moment:
Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg.

Key features:
 – The distance in a straight line to the nearest sushi shop;
 – Ability to work in offline mode;
 – Location map sushi shops (only available in online mode)

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/eA7xZZ

Shop Navigator (inside) – a shopping list with integrated route planner for the supermarket

Shop Navigator (inside)

a shopping list with integrated route planner for the supermarket

Shop Navigator (inside) screenshot 0Shop Navigator (inside) screenshot 1Shop Navigator (inside) screenshot 2

Are you also tired of running, crisscrossing the supermarket, because you just do not know anymore where is the milk, or just the shopping list is sorted incorrectly?
this helps the Shop Navigator, the shopping list with integrated route planner for the supermarket.

Set once the sites in the shop.
With this information, the navigator creates a route through the shop for future purchases

The fixed sites are shared with all app users. With luck, so the Shop Navigator can automatically offer a route.

Some hints for using the app:
– choose your prefered shops right after installation.   As an internet connection is required, thus avoiding network problems
– use (if possible) the article proposed by the Shop Navigator.
  It raises the possibility that an item location may be determined by the app.

See detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/kyQ6sI

Pick2Pay – Shop & Save Daily – Save on Shopping with Credit Card Rewards, Discounted Gift Cards and Portals.

Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily

Save on Shopping with Credit Card Rewards, Discounted Gift Cards and Portals.

Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 0Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 1Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 2Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 3Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 4Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 5Pick2Pay - Shop & Save Daily screenshot 6

Find all shopping savings in one place with Pick2Pay. You start with store or category search and end with best recommendations for shopping savings. Pick2Pay is the only app that brings various shopping savings such as discounted gift cards (from Raise.com) , best cashback from shopping portals and best credit card rewards together for 1000’s of retailers. Find all shopping savings in one place for your favorite stores such as zulily, bed bath and beyond, newegg, 1800flowers, forever21, Kohls, JCPenney, Sears, Payless among 1000’s of other stores. Pick2Pay is ‘Kayak.com for shopping savings’.

Pick2Pay has already delivered 1 Million+ savings opportunities for shoppers. Don’t miss out on the shopping savings you deserve.

When you shop online at Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart, ebay ,bed bath and beyond, home depot, best buy, overstock or zappos, you can get the most cashback using portals recommended by Pick2Pay. You can find discounted gift cards for stores that you can buy through Pick2Pay and redeem the discounted gift card for your purchase at the retailer.

With Pick2Pay, whether you shop online or in-store, you can stack your credit card rewards with discounted gift card for stores and cash back portals like Ebates, Extrabux, Fatwallet, Befrugal among 30 others.

If you like to save 10-20% on every Starbucks latte- Pick2Pay helps you do that too by finding discounted gift cards (from Raise.com) that you can buy from the app and load onto your Starbucks app. If you need some more savings on your home improvement purchases from Lowes and Home Depot- look no further, check out Pick2Pay. You can save up to 100’s of $$ on large purchases. For stores like 1800flowers, 1800contacts- you can find plenty of savings (5-20%). If you like aerie from American Eagle Outfitters , you can easily find discounted gift cards up to 15% off that can stack with cashback of 5% from portals. Similar savings for Sephora as well.

• Finds discounted gift cards for 100’s of stores that you can buy and use online or in-store (Savings of 1-30%).
• Recommends the best shopping portals to get cash back, points or miles from over 30 different portals (Savings of 5-30%).
• Recommends the best card in your wallet to use for any purchase (Savings of 1-5%).
• Lets you finds savings in over 2500 stores.

Pick2Pay Features:
• Shows you the best credit card to use for shopping categories like Airlines, Hotels, Groceries and Restaurants and more.
• Shows you the best card to use to get the most credit card rewards for stores of various categories from fashion (Nordstrom, Saks), superstores (Target, Walmart, Sears), drugstores (Walgreens, CVS) to kids (Gymboree, Zulily).
• Helps you find and buy discounted Gift cards for 100’s of stores. Just search for the store you like and find savings you deserve as savvy shopper.
• Compare over 30 different shopping portals.
• Pick2Pay is also available as chrome extension and web-app for shopping on your browser.

Our shopping experts and super savvy coupon hunters are raving about their experience with Pick2Pay
★★★★★ I love pick2pay. Always finds my best card and best cashback portal for all my online shopping.I use coupons apps for coupons and then come to pick2pay to find even more shopping savings.
– Jane from Atlanta
★★★★★ Pick2Pay showed me a new way to think about shopping savings. Credit Card Rewards + Cashback Portals + Discounted Gift Cards + Coupons to get the most savings.
– Stella from San Jose

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/cMKEv7

أشهر وصفات بيتزا–Pizza – Do you like making pizza at home. Are you a fan of recipes Pizza ??

أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza

Do you like making pizza at home. Are you a fan of recipes Pizza ??

أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 0أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 1أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 2أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 3أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 4أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 5أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 6أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 7أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 8أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 9أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 10أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 11أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 12أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 13أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 14أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 15أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 16أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 17أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 18أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 19أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 20أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 21أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 22أشهر وصفات بيتزا--Pizza screenshot 23

Here in this group recipes global Pizza Recipes Arab world and this application on-month includes more than a hundred and fifty recipe of delicious Betzaarabh and the Bank, which will gain the admiration of all medicines s our goal and one happiness to every home in the simplest way here you will find all the recipes for Betz Arab, such as: toast Pizza, Pizza Hut Arabia, Pizza King
Very important: the program does not have any virus which admob ads only company in order to support the program developer and support staff for the continuation of the program and the production of new and useful software for free do not you give us your comments encouraging

Download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/Tdh7xG

BazaGO – Mua sắm Baza – Online Shopping – Fashion – E – Books

BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza

Online Shopping – Fashion – E – Books

BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 0BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 1BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 2BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 3BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 4BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 5BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 6BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 7BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 8BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 9BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 10BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 11BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 12BazaGO - Mua sắm Baza screenshot 13

BazaGO – Walking the purchase!

Convenient shopping: Switch delivery easy.
Forms of Payment: Delivery collection site.
Smart Search: Search by product, category, brand.
User-friendly interface: Functional cart, favorite products.
Diversified products: Clothes, shoes, bags wallets, belts, watches, sunglasses, jewelry, electronics, accessories, cosmetics, functional foods, books – Products cheapest genuine Vietnam South together attractive promotions.
Website: baza.vn

See detail information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/IZ6S6g