Urun Sepeti – Turkey's cheapest shopping site is now in your pocket!

Urun Sepeti

Turkey's cheapest shopping site is now in your pocket!

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Abroad and interesting products supplied from each of the manufacturers in Turkey are offered for sale with the cheapest price!

Product cart with mobile application can perform all the membership process, you can place an order and you can track and control orders you have given.

Then you want to buy or do you like products, you can choose your favorite products in detail with sayfasnı Add to Favorites section and archive in this section.

Under a product out of stock, “Stock added to give notice” button you can add the news through the list, and you can keep track of items you want to include this section in stock again. In addition, products with added stock to be able to receive a notification e-mail.

Located in the lower part of reviewing any product “Price given thought news” by clicking on the product’s price can take a list to follow this chapter also be able to receive e-mail notification when a product’s price drops.

Products in cart that works with certain timeouts “Top Sellers” list, website and products purchased through the mobile application offers our users the most rankings.

Some of the products by our company in a vague time “Free Shipping” may be included in the campaign. Any shipping when purchasing these products, you will pay! This section lets you list the product free shipping campaign.

Product cart through this chapter you will be aware of the constantly updated campaign.

Special discount codes surprise as mobile applications are published in this section. Check the menu frequently, sometimes with discounts of 5% to 50% discount from the $ 5 you can sometimes catch 30 TL!

Turkey’s most interesting products, you are ready to buy products with the cheapest price with mobile app Basket!

We wish you pleasant shopping.

See more information: https://goo.gl/rbqvZA

Double Coupon Checker – Quickly check whether the coupons you have can be doubled.

Double Coupon Checker

Quickly check whether the coupons you have can be doubled.

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Use “Double Coupon Checker” to quickly check whether the coupons you have can be doubled. Simply scan your coupons from Sunday newspaper, “Catalina” print-out, or grocery store on your Android device (auto focus camera is required to “scan” the barcode). All coupon barcode formats are supported. This includes current Databar and original UPC coupon types.

1) “Double Coupon Checker” only check to see if the “DO NOT DOUBLE” option is enabled within the coupon barcode.
2) What is printed on the coupon may NOT match what is encoded in the barcode. If there is any discrepancy, the writing on the physical coupon prevails.
3) Whether your local grocery store will (or will not) double any specific coupon is dependent on the individual store policy.

Suggestions, comments, problems? Contact support@idearidge.com. We can’t help you if you don’t contact us.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/iFt8CD