MRuncit – Malaysia's Largest Airtime Reload Portal. Online Games Points are available too.


Malaysia's Largest Airtime Reload Portal. Online Games Points are available too.

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The perfect app to Top Up Airtime & Online Game Points in real-time.

* Airtime Reload for all Malaysia Telcos

* Game points for most of the game publishers

* Provides safe payment options- Credit Card, Online Banking, MCash, CyberMCash and Paypal (coming soon).

* With its own e-wallet for ease of shopping- MCash

* Earn MReward Points whenever you shop or top-up via MRuncit

Facing any issue? Got a suggestion? Email us at or you can visit our website at , Facebook and Instagram

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Shopping List – Spreadsheet – The best and fastest pantry shopping list for android.

Shopping List - Spreadsheet

The best and fastest pantry shopping list for android.

Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 0Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 1Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 2Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 3Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 4Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 5Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 6Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 7Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 8Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 9Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 10Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 11Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 12Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 13Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 14Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 15Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 16Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 17Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 18Shopping List - Spreadsheet screenshot 19

Looking for a list of easy and simple to use shopping?

Now you have found the most practical and expeditious.

Enough to take a paper list to the supermarket.

Write down everything you need to buy this direct list on your tablet or smartphone and their quantities and leave everything ready to record only prices when making their purchases, the total amount can leave you with this list.

Save as many lists as you need and load them whenever necessary.

Fill the pantry of the app, update it and always stay on top of current items in your house before you go shopping, you will never forget what is missing in your pantry, because the “reset” items will always be posted to your convenience.

After completing your shopping you have the option to UPDATE pantry with a simple click.

You can also customize this list with your favorite colors, leaving it to your face.

Enjoy this more useful to make your life easier.

Soon more news.

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Магазин Подарков – Gifts for you and your friends and family

Магазин Подарков

Gifts for you and your friends and family

Магазин Подарков screenshot 0Магазин Подарков screenshot 1Магазин Подарков screenshot 2Магазин Подарков screenshot 3Магазин Подарков screenshot 4Магазин Подарков screenshot 5

Online Gift Shop is pleased to offer you a wide choice of products for any occasion and for any holiday. Also in our store you can choose a gift for themselves. We try to constantly replenish our collection of goods. We’re now watching the news and soon they also appear in our directory.

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3Q時尚購物 – 最新流行穿搭資訊,最優惠好康優惠活動,時尚服飾、包,鞋、生活用品、流行小物,專屬女孩兒品味生活,從現在開始!!



3Q時尚購物 screenshot 03Q時尚購物 screenshot 13Q時尚購物 screenshot 2



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品蒂童裝 – 品蒂童裝APP是品蒂童裝專為手機用戶推出的手機購物軟件,具有商品瀏覽、購買、支付、最新活動、優惠即時通知…等功能,為大家提供方便快速的手機構物新體驗。



品蒂童裝 screenshot 0品蒂童裝 screenshot 1品蒂童裝 screenshot 2品蒂童裝 screenshot 3品蒂童裝 screenshot 4






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Детские игрушки – Листоги.рф – Toy Shop number 1 on the Android platform!

Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф

Toy Shop number 1 on the Android platform!

Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 0Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 1Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 2Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 3Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 4Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 5Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 6Детские игрушки - Листоги.рф screenshot 7

“Listogi.rf” offers each customer a vast and limitless selection of children’s products and toys brands. We quickly and in time to deliver the order to each of our customers anywhere in Russia.

All the products on our website contains a detailed description as possible, so that our beloved customers easily find the right product. A well thought-out navigation directory allows you to find the most comfortable on the site. Thereby making the search for the right of children’s goods enjoyable and productive. Online toy store «» always with you and always for you.

The catalog contains: dolls, cars, dolls, toys, Monster High, Barbie, Winx, baby boom (baby born), monster hight, baby annabell with facial expressions and a lot of children’s products and toys for children.

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