C-Wallet – Having trouble remembering what coupons you have? Let C-Wallet help you.


Having trouble remembering what coupons you have? Let C-Wallet help you.

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Do you have too many coupons to remember? Do your coupons expire before you get to use them? Do you just want something simple and light? If this is you, then C-Wallet is your solution.

C-Wallet lets you take photos of your existing coupons, and organize them on your device. It will automatically remind you 3 days before the expiration.

Have a feature you would like to see in the app? We are always open for suggestions. Please email your suggestions directly to jiacorp.

–See a comprehensive list of all the coupons saved
–See the details of each coupon, including title, expiration date
–A notification will automatically alert you 3 days prior to a coupon’s expiration

See detail information: https://goo.gl/nw3kWN

İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) – You can easily access the Auto finding a used car listings using.

İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur)

You can easily access the Auto finding a used car listings using.

İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 0İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 1İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 2İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 3İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 4İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 5İkinci el araba(Oto Bulur) screenshot 6

Find auto, used car classifieds is a system based on the following criteria you specify when you add ads matching your search criteria and notify you when the price changes or previously entered in an ad. The information in the system notification emails and mobile phone (push notification) is made in the form. Auto Find, Turkey’s leading used car classifieds sites to follow and detect new ad in the shortest possible time and updates aims to inform you of our users as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Find Auto reasons requires membership?
Find auto tracking system is based on users via e-mail. Membership in you than you are asked to enter an email address and password only. This e-mail address and password to my e-mail with the 1.1 version of my erişebilirsiniz.progra from different devices in your account using Auto Find other mobile devices and mobile notification has been made optional. When registering or after the “Update Info” screen, you can change your preferences.

Question 2: I can use in environments in which the Auto Find the system?
Find A Car is a system designed for mobile devices and there is no website. First is commissioned with the Android software is expected to be developed in the coming months of the SAP software.

Question 3: Why can not I call ads in Auto likely to find?
Find a Car is not intended for you to search your system. Turkey’s leading used car classifieds site, you can search in a very detailed way. It is therefore not an alternative to this site. Each site system does not guarantee that it will be detected by the system each announcement added to this site because it is different. However if you purchased previously used car, be aware of the attractively priced car sold in a very short time so that in a short time of this posting you know how important it is. If the car stopped at the beginning of the search process of continuous computer, Find Auto classifieds do not have time to check the most important will be to assist you in this process.

Question 4: Finds Auto classifieds sites which are followed?
Auto finding the goal is to keep track of all car classifieds sites, Turkey’s leading and will continue working to increase the number of sites in a continuous manner. However, some sites occasional updates from sites that can not be monitored temporarily infrastructure, so it is not meaningful to give the name of the continuous follow-up of the site. However, coming from incoming mail and notification of which is here seen about the site.

Question 5: Is it Free to use Auto likely to find?
Auto finding is completely free to use. However, finding the car for both mobile applications and ad tracking system to meet the development costs includes mobile ads. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Question 6: What are the constraints presented to the user in finding a car?
Car is one of finding the most important goals is to inform you as quickly as possible to detect the car ads that you want to reach. Used for the purposes of the system and also to achieve this should not create unnecessary load on the system. This is really the reason you are in your target car transport and unnecessary mail / notification some constraints were placed on behalf of the traffic recovery.

The first of these constraints is the number of queries that can save in a month. This is limited to 10. We believe that this figure would be enough for a normal user.

Another limitation is the query you have saved the maximum number of cars future posting. This is limited to 100. 100 listings after registering one of a search query is made passive. This way you define your search criteria and clearly intended not notified you of unnecessary ads.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/UqwK12

بيع و شراء السيارات – Application to buy and sell cars, a service application to facilitate the buying and selling of cars process

بيع و شراء السيارات

Application to buy and sell cars, a service application to facilitate the buying and selling of cars process

بيع و شراء السيارات screenshot 0بيع و شراء السيارات screenshot 1بيع و شراء السيارات screenshot 2بيع و شراء السيارات screenshot 3

The application of a service to facilitate the buying and selling of cars process by providing the ability to add your ad through your mobile phone, in addition vehicle information required to sell and images easily, and you can search the site for offers cars for sale database if you want to buy a car, Car Auction saves your time and facilitates the process of buying and selling cars .

See more information: https://goo.gl/HYUDcO