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This is the official app from the company Posylki.pl. With it, you will always be able to shop faster and easier without computer access.
-Kabinet: Watch your data and proxies, updated and added proxies
-Orders: The following status of orders, ask questions, in order to correspond to the order, add new orders.
-Priezdy: Rezervirute visits to the office razym issues
-Perepiska: Ask our managers questions you may have and you always answer

-Avtoriziruetes Or register in service
-Popolnyaete Your personal wallet
-supplemented Order
-And Watch his status (receiving a notification e-mail) until receipt at our warehouse selected (for Pickup from Poland) or until the delivery of your mail to the tracking number.

Detail information and download apk file: https://goo.gl/IvFy7i

Envids mPOS – Mobile POS for Retailers – Portable, Quick and EasyCloud Based Billing Solution

Envids mPOS

Mobile POS for Retailers – Portable, Quick and EasyCloud Based Billing Solution

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Envids provide retail solutions to enhance operation efficiency on the store floor and provide customer a hassle-free shopping experience by providing “mobile based” POS solutions that improves efficiencies by adding mobility and portability to the store billing activities.

We partner with retailers to understand their business and implement solution from POC to full launch to maximize the benefits. Our solution is fully customizable & can easily integrate with retailers existing system.

We provide compatible hardware along with the software & also, customize the features based on requirement of different retail formats

Detail information: https://goo.gl/S0M8vf

Feira Livre – Organize your grocery shopping knowing how much you will pay!

Feira Livre

Organize your grocery shopping knowing how much you will pay!

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Free markets is 100% FREE!

Organize your grocery shopping knowing how much you will pay!
If you are looking for a quick way to set up your shopping list is the Free Fair you need!
You can access lists created at any time.

With Free markets you can:
• later add products quickly.
• Edit the products quickly.
• Make Multiple lists.

Simple, Convenient and Free.
Download now have a better experience on your purchases!

See more information and download apk file for android: https://goo.gl/HqHlLL

Kartice – Loyalty cards Croatia. All Croatian club loyalty cards in one place


Loyalty cards Croatia. All Croatian club loyalty cards in one place

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Loyalty cards (club cards) Croatia by Katalozi.net.

Replace full wallet membership card Cards app!

Popular cards that you can find pre-defined in the application: Multiplus Konzum, Billa, Bipa, DM Active Beauty, Emmezeta, Hervis, IKEA Family, Metro, Sportina, LEGO and other cards.

If the card is not the default, you can always add your own along with pictures and descriptions, regardless of whether it comes to card shops, libraries or any other card.

Join us on:

Cards app is designed for all those who are members of a club. If you have a membership (club) loyalty cards and so far you’ve worn them physically with them from now on simply add cards in the app and use in stores.

Cards app is NOT intended for the use of credit cards as well as cards with confidential information. Please do not use such a card in the application. Read more about this in the terms of use and privacy of data.

If you are the owner of the club and you want us to include your membership card in the app, and if you have a suggestion for cooperation, please contact us by email to info [at] katalozi.net.

1. Use Applications
Once you’ve added your membership card in the application, the entire list will be included on the initial activities of your application. Simply click on the desired tab to load the details of the same. Once you open the details of the controls on the top of the page, you can edit or delete the selected card.

2. Using in stores
When paying at the store, open the application and select the desired store. Once you open the card details show the screen of the mobile device employee / employees in order to read the barcode reader at the screen of your cell phone. If the barcode can not be read, ask the staff to manually enter the card number.

Some shops use scanner technology that are not able to read the screens of mobile devices. In this case, ask the staff to manually enter the number of your card.

Using Tabs application you agree contained herein. If you do not agree please do not use the application. Card application is made in good faith and in order to facilitate the use of membership cards. The purpose of the application is to use only membership cards. The use of credit and other cards that have confidential data is not permitted and is not recommended. Using the application you agree to all the possible damages resulting from the use of applications is not responsible publisher. Publisher application retains the copyright on all but the very cards that are property of the respective companies. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact us at email info [at] katalozi.net.

Privacy of your information is completely under your control. Data is written only within your mobile device and that the database that the system creates when you first start. The application does not send your personal information outside of your mobile device, in addition to the basic analytical information which are in accordance with the Google Privacy Policy and that we use to improve the application itself. Application Cards are not viewing your contacts, messages, calls or any other private information, except image galleries which can be accessed only at your request.

We wish you a pleasant use of cards applications!
If you like the app leave your rating and tell your friends to this useful application.

Download our other apps:
– Directories – play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.katalozi.app
– Stores near me – play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.katalozi.trgovine

If you have difficulty using, please contact us at info [at] katalozi.net

Your Katalozi.net


Download apk file: https://goo.gl/8Ynoux