Truecalia – Application for resale Renfe tickets in the whole of Spain.


Application for resale Renfe tickets in the whole of Spain.

Truecalia screenshot 0Truecalia screenshot 1Truecalia screenshot 2Truecalia screenshot 3Truecalia screenshot 4

Truecalia is an application that allows you to find cheap train tickets and AVE in Spain (with discounts up to 85%). It also helps recover money for a ticket, if eventually you’re not going to be able to use.

Another option is to join or create and configure tables AVE and thus get discount up to 60% Renfe offers the same (joining 4 persons sharing a table AVE, 60% in the price is discounted each ticket).
With truecalia you can also create free alerts anyone to tell you when someone put on sale a ticket that interests you.
Truecalia ( was born in 2011 as the first portal in Spain dedicated to buying and selling train tickets between individuals. Now with the implementation, facilitate further use of our services.
The main rule, both the Web and the application is lucrase banning the sale of tickets. The selling price can not beat the price initially paid for the ticket.

With truecalia all win, a recovering the price they paid for their ticket and other getting tickets at very cheap prices.

Detail information and download apk file:


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