Restoservis Tablet Menu – Restoservis Tablet Menu is a new generation mobile ordering and loyalty system

Restoservis Tablet Menu

Restoservis Tablet Menu is a new generation mobile ordering and loyalty system

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Instead of conventional paper printed menus, the Restoservis Tablet Menu System is a smart application platform that provides businesses (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hotels, etc.) with modern, technologically superior digital tablet menus, where restaurants can take orders from guests, manage product and customer relations and manage social media.
With Restoservis, businesses can take customers’ orders at the speed of light and effectively promote their products through high-quality images via Digital Tablet Menu, as well as include and profit from additional options such as online ordering system, reservation system, customer relations management and loyalty system.
“Restoservis” provides low cost and high performance by developing wide range of solutions for all kinds of businesses, from smallest to the largest chain enterprises.
Restoservis unites all these systems for your business and helps you in modernizing your process management.

With Restoservis Tablet Menus, as well as product photographs and videos, you can also include details and explanations such as ingredients and preparation of the meals, thus providing guests with more information about your products. Special fields for cooking time and total calorie values are also available.

User friendly interface designed specifically for your business enables online and offline ordering via tablet computers. Restoservis Tablet Menu System provides every detail about your menus to your guests.


Digital Tablet Menu
Unlimited Product and Category Definition
Product Detail Definition (Calories / Preparation Time etc.)
Dynamic Advertising Fields
Satisfaction Survey
Company Promotion Field
Application Lock Feature
Video and Photograph Publication
Management Panel

No more conventional paper printed menus
Seasonal-Periodical product addition-removal feature
High quality product images
Optimal introduction of your company
Optimal introduction of your products
Separate categorization of your favourite products

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EAN Data Barcode Scanner – Access with integration such as bacrode scanning & picture uploads

EAN Data Barcode Scanner

Access with integration such as bacrode scanning & picture uploads

EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 0EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 1EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 2EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 3EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 4EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 5EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 6EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 7EAN Data Barcode Scanner screenshot 8

Your feedback is very important. Our email address is below and it would be great to hear your suggestions and comments.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this app is designed to give improved access to our web site and that Internet access is required for its use. You can access the site with your web browser but using this app gives added device integration such as barcode scanning.

Scan barcodes on products and find more information in seconds. You can also create QRCode (2D Barcodes), standard barcodes (lines), learn about barcodes in general and so much more.

This is an early public release of this application. It is mainly a friendly interface to our mobile web site with easy access to your camera to be used as a barcode scanner but there are a few other little features to help move around.

We are actively developing this app and plan on adding many more features and improving the user interface as time goes by. Hopefully, this initial version will give you some added value and make using our data easier.

Need more features? Send us an email.

Download apk file for android: