Muan Jewels Pvt. Ltd. – Get Daily Best DEALS, OFFERS & DISCOUNTS in GOLD price and Purchase of JEWELLERY

Muan Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

Get Daily Best DEALS, OFFERS & DISCOUNTS in GOLD price and Purchase of JEWELLERY

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Jewelry making is an auspicious art and ancient heritage of 5000 years old, which reflects human emotions. Muan jewelers is preserving our traditional legacy since 5 decades. Muan Jewelers Pvt Ltd is celebrating 50 years of crafting masterpieces. We think, We create, LET’S PRETTIFY PEOPLE.

Muan Jewels has a legacy of 4 generations immersed in the art of crafting jewelry . A brand that holds the trust of its customers since the beginning of its time. Now Muan Jewels has come up with its own segment of Indian Apparels for the woman of today. We are a reflection of every woman’s identity and uniqueness.

MUAN jewelers was established in 1965 and it is completing 50years in 2015. On completing 50 glorious years, we heartly thank to all those wonderful people who became our companion in our journey of progress.

It was not such huge or large enterprise as today when it was established. It was started on small scale with positive spark, honesty and fine market sense. Our work let us move towards growth. The hard work, honesty and principles were our companions during journey. God’s grace happened and our work was appreciated by people, our work became choice of people. Thankfully we have achieved our little place in our client’s hearts. And today, we are in front of you can see our progress.

During our journey we had both, ups and downs. We have stick to our work with deep faith. It was not like duration of time, it was a journey of sweets and salt,

Where MUAN family moved forward & towards graceful way, Where MUAN family learned many things,

Where MUAN family interacted with many different people, Where MUAN family earned a brand name,

Where MUAN family gained a respected place in market, Where MUAN family received appreciation,

Where MUAN family become peoples’ choice,

Where MUAN family enhanced as a capable enterprise, Where MUAN family means clients’ trust & satisfaction.

What is special? What is unique? We don’t require claiming for our creation for being special and unique. If any client demands second piece of same design jewelry, we are helpless. We won’t give it. We are unable to change our policy of NEW CLIENT-NEW DESIGN, as we believe and treat each customer as a special one. We do deliver only singles no copies. That creates our collection special and unique. Our all creation becomes special.

We understand people and their feelings. People have different taste and choice in each thing. So we know that each of them needs and wants different and decent design & art work. We deliver according age group and different kind of taste. Yet with unique trend setter touch.

People has different budget. We try our best that our collection gallery should contain art work in each segment of budget. We have so many things in our show case in different budget levels.

Man, woman and a child, there are many things in jewelry range that is especially made for them. Like Earings, Rings, Pendants, Paayals, Neckless, Bengals, Tika, Baju bandh, Nathni, chain we have so many designs and so many categories in our jewelry showcase.

India is a place of tradition and occasion. Different occasions have different traditions, which require different jewelry. We have all kind of jewelry for each kind of occasions and traditions.

Jewelry makes women happier in any occasion or celebration. But any ordinary day becomes special for her on receiving jewelry gift, day becomes reason for celebration for her. A man can make her happier by gifting a charming gift jewelry articles.

We see spark in our clients eyes through our decently crafted jewelry. We see them satisfied, we see them happy, and that is our spark.

We take care for perfection in our art work in each stage of jewelry making. We tend for perfection. We try our best for outstanding sketch for perfect jewelry design. We put our best to furnish unique design and content material to deliver a masterpiece within the best budget.

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1 Pay Solusi – Applications that can use a wide variety of transactions (Pulse, PLN, PAM, etc.)

1 Pay Solusi

Applications that can use a wide variety of transactions (Pulse, PLN, PAM, etc.)

1 Pay Solusi screenshot 01 Pay Solusi screenshot 11 Pay Solusi screenshot 21 Pay Solusi screenshot 31 Pay Solusi screenshot 41 Pay Solusi screenshot 51 Pay Solusi screenshot 61 Pay Solusi screenshot 71 Pay Solusi screenshot 81 Pay Solusi screenshot 9

Electricity Payments Online Bank or so-called Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) is the Electric Online Bank Payment Services that utilize the network
PLN à Bank in cooperation with the bank.
Bank in cooperation with partner companies (switching company).
Partners in cooperation with the partner companies Distribution / Services such as: cooperatives, stores, supermarkets, business entity or individual.
1 Pay Solutions is a technology developed by One Solutions where every member of the community who have been registered in 1solusi can pay all the personal needs and open checkouts anywhere, anytime and in any condition.
1Pay Android Application Solution is an alternative way of all payments PULSE, PPOB, PLN, etc. Can be used freely and FREE for Members of Community 1Solusi.
The current payment system has served are:
1. PLN token (prepaid), postpaid (postpaid)
2. Telkom
3. taps
4. Pulse All oprator
5. TV Subscription
6. Speedy
7. Multifinace
Other payment feature immediately added gradually along with growth and development.
– Etc.
Web 1:
Web 2:
Fan Page:

Pin: 73FD4C1B
One solution for all the world

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Сушерия – Application for an order of Japanese food network Susheriya Kerch.


Application for an order of Japanese food network Susheriya Kerch.

Сушерия screenshot 0Сушерия screenshot 1Сушерия screenshot 2Сушерия screenshot 3Сушерия screenshot 4

Application for an order of Japanese food network Susheriya Kerch.

Sushi rolls in stock!

– Ability to create an order without an internet connection (for example, in the subway). Internet only to send the order.
– The app remembers your contact details, so do not need to enter them each time you order.

We work for you from 10:00 to 22:00

Working in the city !!

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Astratex.UA – owned Astratex sro, which is located in the Czech Republic.

Astratex.UA owned Astratex sro, which is located in the Czech Republic.

Astratex.UA screenshot 0Astratex.UA screenshot 1Astratex.UA screenshot 2Astratex.UA screenshot 3Astratex.UA screenshot 4Astratex.UA screenshot 5Astratex.UA screenshot 6Astratex.UA screenshot 7Astratex.UA screenshot 8Astratex.UA screenshot 9Astratex.UA screenshot 10Astratex.UA screenshot 11Astratex.UA screenshot 12Astratex.UA screenshot 13Astratex.UA screenshot 14Astratex.UA screenshot 15Astratex.UA screenshot 16Astratex.UA screenshot 17Astratex.UA screenshot 18Astratex.UA screenshot 19Astratex.UA screenshot 20Astratex.UA screenshot 21 owned Astratex sro, which is located in the Czech Republic. Astratex s.r.o. It has several online stores in European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine.

Since 2000 the company Astratex s.r.o. sells underwear and other products via online stores.

All the online shops have a single warehouse in the Czech Republic. Warehouse area of ​​more than 1500 m² and there is stored more than 60,000 items of goods! All products that you see in our online store, there is in stock. Processing and shipping of your order is carried out directly from the warehouse in the Czech Republic.

The advantage of buying from us:
– A wide range of high quality underwear
– Wide range of sizes from 65A underwear -byustgaltery to 110E, panties from S to XXXL
– The goods are in stock
– When you purchase more than $ 1499 USD. FREE Shipping
– Free to send information about news, promotions and sales, as well as discount coupons
– Registered users have piggy bank, in which returns you to 8% of the amount paid for each purchase
– We are always connected – you can contact us by phone or via e-mail

The possibility of return:
It is possible that the ordered size of underwear does not suit you. In this case, you can return the clothes, and we will refund your money.

Advantages of the online store:
– You can make a purchase without leaving your home at any time convenient for you!
– You are not limited by time for product selection
– Acquisition of linen can safely try at home
– You can return the item and get your money back

More detailed information can be found at

Company New Vision Group s.r.o. only provides a platform for placing goods store. Because New Vision Group s.r.o. is not responsible for the quality of goods, possible delivery problems or any other problems associated with the store.

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Türk Sanayi Market – Turkish Industry Market Industrial, Mechanical parts online selling mobile version

Türk Sanayi Market

Turkish Industry Market Industrial, Mechanical parts online selling mobile version

Türk Sanayi Market screenshot 0Türk Sanayi Market screenshot 1Türk Sanayi Market screenshot 2Türk Sanayi Market screenshot 3

Turkish Industry Market, hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum systems, centralized lubrication systems, hardware, cooling systems, equipment, installation materials, linear motion systems, hobby products, household products, clamps, you can get is a mobile online shopping application.

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