Stylade – Stylade is a simple and fun way to buy, and sell pre-loved fashion among women.


Stylade is a simple and fun way to buy, and sell pre-loved fashion among women.

Stylade screenshot 0Stylade screenshot 1Stylade screenshot 2Stylade screenshot 3Stylade screenshot 4

Stylade is a simple and fun way to buy, sell and discover new, unique and pre-loved fashion among women. With just a few simple touch, you can upload photo of the items from your closet that you no longer wear and sell them.

You can also shop the closets of other women across Malaysia!

In this app, you can:

1) List your item for free by just taking the photo of your item and add description to it!
2) Buy brand new or pre-loved fashion items from thousands of Malaysian women closets!
3) Follow other fashionista that you love!

Hope you’ll enjoy our app!

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متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals – T Diels shop | Shop now one of the best electronic market offers.

متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals

T Diels shop | Shop now one of the best electronic market offers.

متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals screenshot 0متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals screenshot 1متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals screenshot 2متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals screenshot 3متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals screenshot 4متجر تي ديلز | Tdeals screenshot 5

T Diels shop provides you with the latest premium products.
Shop now from your mobile phone and received a request at the door of your home with ease.

You can browse the application of many of the products offered in the T-Diels shop and contains several sections, including: –
– The women’s section
Which contains the women’s accessories such as bracelets, chains, rings, earrings and hair accessories.
This section also contains an original Women bag of the latest models and different hours.

– Department of smart devices Accessories
It contains many distinctive accessories that adorn your mobile phone and your tablet.
Zain Aabadc or iPhone or Galxi or any other mobile with modern and distinctive accessories.

– Electronics Division
Not suffice price competitor, but only provide you with modern electronics from external chargers access to surveillance cameras and speakers to the storage media, and many other electronics.

– Department of home tools
Home with the most beautiful home accessories and kitchen tools that we provide. Magic cups and equipment to help you in the kitchen and many other products.

– Department of video games
We provide the latest games and accessories for lovers of the PlayStation PlayStation.

T Diels shop supports all the Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Oman.
Soon the entire Arab world.

Now shopping and Enjoy
– Fast and Free Shipping to your door.
– An option to pay on delivery.
– Super Shows daily.

Shop now one of the best electronic market offers.

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Ideas de regalos – An easy, simple and light to give the best gift ideas APP :)

Ideas de regalos

An easy, simple and light to give the best gift ideas APP 🙂

Ideas de regalos screenshot 0Ideas de regalos screenshot 1Ideas de regalos screenshot 2Ideas de regalos screenshot 3Ideas de regalos screenshot 4Ideas de regalos screenshot 5Ideas de regalos screenshot 6Ideas de regalos screenshot 7Ideas de regalos screenshot 8Ideas de regalos screenshot 9Ideas de regalos screenshot 10Ideas de regalos screenshot 11Ideas de regalos screenshot 12Ideas de regalos screenshot 13Ideas de regalos screenshot 14Ideas de regalos screenshot 15Ideas de regalos screenshot 16Ideas de regalos screenshot 17Ideas de regalos screenshot 18Ideas de regalos screenshot 19Ideas de regalos screenshot 20

With this APP we wanted to make life easier. Throughout the year we find many times when we have to give a gift to someone, either because it comes from the heart or simple commitment. And it is not always easy. As we know, from Whole Orange Apps we have relaunched for you this Android application to find the ideal gift never again be a problem.

In contrast to other Apps that you intend gift ideas, with “Gift Ideas” everything is decided a few clicks. App screens will guide you by sex, age and personality and then give you a handful of ideas that can serve you.

And as we believe it was not quite enough, well, if you like, you can compare the catalog for the product on the famous online shopping portal Amazon so that with any luck, you find that which you will succeed at a price interesting. Of course, never leave for the last day gift choice if you go to buy it online!

Anyway, hope this App will be very useful. Furthermore, we have made very light (only weighs about megas) to the phone memory can not eat. For inquiries or improvement, you can use the form includes the App itself.


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Gorenje DS – Porositni produktet tona në aplikacionin më të lehtë dhe më të përshtatshëm.

Gorenje DS

Porositni produktet tona në aplikacionin më të lehtë dhe më të përshtatshëm.

Gorenje DS screenshot 0Gorenje DS screenshot 1Gorenje DS screenshot 2Gorenje DS screenshot 3

Ju mund të kërkoni gamën e plotë të produkteve tona , ti porositni ato dhe ti pranoni në adresën tuaj. E gjitha qka duhet është hapja e llogarisë dhe ju mund të porositni në çdo moment.

• Shikoni të gjitha ofertat tona të veçanta
• Informohuni për risitë përmes porosive në kohë reale.
• Sigurt dhe lehtë
• 4 Qendra të mëdha dhe rreth 60 shitore në vendin tonë.
• Kurseni kohën dhe porositni nga telefoni apo tableti juaj Android qe ju posedoni.
• Rregullat e blerjes i gjeni në aplikacion.

Dëshironi të na kontaktoni ?

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Pierce N Tell – Body piercing app.

Pierce N Tell

Body piercing app.

Pierce N Tell screenshot 0Pierce N Tell screenshot 1Pierce N Tell screenshot 2Pierce N Tell screenshot 3Pierce N Tell screenshot 4Pierce N Tell screenshot 5

Body jewelry, fine jewelry and ear piercing services.
Mall store hours reflect our International plaza location.
All other locations are subject to regular mall hours,
10am-9pm Monday- Saturday, 12pm- 6pm Sunday.


We carry a wide range of body jewelry and fine jewelry at our 3 locations:
-Labrets 18g- 2g
-Captives 20g- 00g
-Circular barbell 20g- 00g
-Curved barbell 18g- 0g
-Nostril screws, bones, bend to fit, and hoops; made from solid 14k gold, silver, surgical steel or titanium.
-Industrial barbells ranging in lengths with various designs
-Microbars 18g- 14g in lengths from 1/4″- 1/2″
-Straight barbells 18g- 00g
-Nipple shields (all standard 14g)
-UV & glow-in-the-dark body jewelry
-Surgical steel, 14k gold and Sterling silver stud earrings
-Tapers 14g- 1″
14g-1″ (International Plaza & Sarasota)
14g- 2″ (Citrus Park)
Materials varying (per size & location) from wood, bone, horn, stone, glass, mother of pearl, surgical steel, titanium, and acrylic.
-Navel curves in hundreds of designs! All surgical steel, nickel & lead FREE; 14g standard gauge & length. We also offer custom length adjustments on select styles for no extra charge!
-Ear cuffs
-Cartilage piercing chains
-Tongue barbells in various designs; all 14g standard gauge & length.
-Necklaces made from surgical steel
-Bracelets, pendants and rings from tungsten, titanium, & surgical steel.
-Leather cuff bracelets
-Swarovski crystal & Czech Republic crystal shamballas
-Solid 14k gold in all body jewelry styles

We also offer specialty products such as:
-Vibrating body jewelry (Must be 18+ WITH I.D. to purchase)
-H2Ocean brand piercing & tattoo cleaning spray
-Piercing retainers for all piercings.
-Ear piercing services (18+ or parent/ guardian present)

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Позвънете – Mobile application to the portal


Mobile application to the portal

Позвънете screenshot 0Позвънете screenshot 1Позвънете screenshot 2Позвънете screenshot 3

• mobile app to the portal allows you to immediately submit free ads on mobile devices.
• Through the application you can track the status of your ads.
• You can communicate with buyers and sellers in real time.
• The functionality offered by the application:
– Filter search listings by city, section, price and other criteria;
– Easy, online communication with each user;
– Fast and easy online submission of offers from any account;
– Link your account with Facebook;
– Upload photos directly from your device.
Sell ​​on the go!

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