Shopping List – A quick, easy and simple way of creating grocery lists

Shopping List

A quick, easy and simple way of creating grocery lists

Shopping List screenshot 0Shopping List screenshot 1Shopping List screenshot 2Shopping List screenshot 3Shopping List screenshot 4Shopping List screenshot 5Shopping List screenshot 6Shopping List screenshot 7Shopping List screenshot 8Shopping List screenshot 9Shopping List screenshot 10Shopping List screenshot 11Shopping List screenshot 12Shopping List screenshot 13

Have you ever looked for that simple and easy grocery shopping list app where you could just make a list on?

With Easy List you can make your own grocery list in seconds with just a few taps on the screen!

Your grocery list can be very simple or complete with price, quantity and extra notes.

All items will be recorded in the history and you will be reminded of them as you type and whether or not
they are already in your grocery list, creating a grocery list has never been so easy!


★ Clean and easy interface
★ Organize your shopping list
★ Create as many grocery lists as you want
★ Checkboxes for checking items
★ Smart history that shows what items are already in your list
★ Price, quantity, units and extra notes.
★ Share lists by text, email etc.
★ Home screen widget

Download apk file:


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