Specials Lister – specialslister mobile app

Specials Lister

specialslister mobile app

Specials Lister screenshot 0Specials Lister screenshot 1

specialslister is a free service that notifies you of specials from your favourite retailers when you are near their store.
For example, Peters Pet Supplies has a special on dog food for 0.99c per can. If you have Peters Pet Supplies in your favourite retailers list, his special will automatically be added to your favourite list and when you are near Peters Pet Supplies you will be notified on your mobile device about that special.

Also if you see a special in a catalogue and it is marked with our special SL QR Code you can scan that QR Code with the specialslister app and the special will be added to your favourite specials list and you will be reminded of the special when you are near the store.

No more remembering specials – set and forget

Go to http://www.specialslister now to become a member for FREE!

Detail information: https://goo.gl/h8niZA


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