SLEKA – Гид по ценам (Якутск) – Mobile app SLEKA – it is a single base of goods and services.

SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск)

Mobile app SLEKA – it is a single base of goods and services.

SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 0SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 1SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 2SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 3SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 4SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 5SLEKA - Гид по ценам (Якутск) screenshot 6

Prices for goods shall be determined by the organizations. Please pre-specifies availability and prices over the phone.

What if in one place will gather unified database of all goods and services with prices all organizations?
Convenient mobile app SLEKA intended to do it!

Warning! Number of organizations and products updated and replenished daily, as well as constantly improving search engine. Together we can be better!

How does this work?

1. Enter word (product / service) in the search engine.
For example: “Profiled” or “Pizza”.

2. Select from the list the type of activity.
For example: Profiled may be in the category of “Construction”, as well as in all categories, which is found in the price list the word “Profiled”.

3. Next comes a list of organizations where the goods are found on your request.

4. After selecting one organization can be found with its prices for this product.

5. If you find what you were looking for, call the organization directly from the application, specify the presence of the seller. You can also go to the page of the organization where you can see the photos for more information on the organization.

On improving the application, search Please send suggestions
Any feedback is important to us.

Detail information and download apk file for android:

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